European Super League: Six Premier League teams withdraw from competition.

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All Six Premier League teams participating in the European Super League have officially withdrawn from the competition.

Manchester City is the first club to leave after Chelsea has indicated their intention to prepare for withdrawal.

Moreover, the other four sides, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham, have also followed suit.

The 12-teams had announced to join European Super League on Sunday, which was widely criticized.

Manchester City has confirmed that they have “officially revoked withdrawal procedures” in the Super League.

Liverpool said their involvement with the proposed split was “suspended.”

Manchester United said it had “carefully listened to the response of our supporters. The UK government and other key stakeholders” in making their decision not to participate.

Arsenal apologized by writing an open letter to their fans. And said that they have “made a mistake.”

And added that they are withdrawing after listening to them and the “wider football community.”

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said the club regretted the “concern and frustration” caused by the offer.

Chelsea has confirmed that they have “begun the legal process to withdraw from the club” to join “late last week.”

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin welcomed the change, adding: “They are back in the fold now.

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin welcomed the change
Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin welcomed the change (Source: CGTN)

And I know they have a lot to offer not only in our competitions. But in every European game.

“The important thing now is to move forward, to rebuild the unity of the game that we enjoyed before this and move forward together.”

England’s top footballers were part of the team.

England’s top footballers were part of the team. That hosted Atletico Madrid of Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid, and AC Milan of Italy, Inter Milan and Juventus, who announced plans to form a separate league.

Which they hoped would establish as a new competition weekend.

Fans, football officials, and government ministers in the UK and across Europe have been criticized by Uefa and league organizations.

An estimated 1,000 fans gathered outside Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium. Ahead of their game against Brighton on Tuesday in protest of their team’s involvement.

Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward, who has been involved in Super League negotiations, announced his resignation at the end of 2021.

Leading players in six other clubs have expressed their disapproval of the divisive league.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has said on social media that “a united team” does not want the Super League to exist.

“We do not like it, and we do not want it to happen at all.” Read a message sent to many Liverpool players.

After City confirmed their withdrawal, England winger Raheem Sterling wrote: “OK.”

Uefa had hoped to block the European Super League threat from the new Champions League with 36 teams, agreed on Monday.

They were announcing their Super League proposals that will eventually consist of 20 teams. 

The 12-team team said the changes to the Champions League did not go far enough.

The Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who was elected chairman of the ESL, has said that the tournament was set up to “save the ball.”

Because young people “no longer care” about the game because of “too many low-level sports.”

Whereas, None of the Spanish and Italian clubs have stated anything after the withdrawal of six Premier League clubs.

What do the teams say?

The Arsenal boss has said that it did not have the intention to “cause such misery.” And join the Super League because “they do not want to be left behind.”

Mikel Arteta
Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta (Source: Goal .com)

Also want to ensure the club’s future. “Our aim is always to make the right decisions for this great football club. And to protect it for the future and move us forward,” they added.

“Also, we have not made the right decision here, and which we fully accept.”

Manchester United said that they always had “committed to working with others. Throughout the football community to find a sustainable solution to the long-term challenges facing the game”.

Furthermore, Liverpool said the club had “received submissions from various key stakeholders, both internally and externally.”

Before reaching its decision, and thanked them for their “significant contributions.”

Levy said Tottenham saw the need to “participate” in new structures that seek better financial performance.

And financial stability while providing increased support for the wider football pyramid “.

Besides, He said, “We would like to thank all those fans who have submitted their views.”

Chelsea said after having “time to consider the matter in all.” They have decided that “their continuous participation in these programs. Will not benefit the club, our fans, or the wider football community.”

Manchester City said they had “officially instituted withdrawal procedures for the European Super League.”

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