Does Francis Ngannou Have A Brother? Parents And Family Tree

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Francis Ngannou grew up with three brothers and a sister. The MMA fighter dedicates all his wins and achievements to his family, especially his mother.

The struggles of Cameroonian fighter Francis Ngannou are inspiring; where many would’ve given up, but he kept fighting and achieved glory.

Moreover, all his success in life is only for one purpose. And that is so his family can live a long, happy, peaceful life, the life they didn’t get in the past.

Professional MMA Fighter And Boxer Francis Ngannou
Professional MMA Fighter And Boxer Francis Ngannou (Source: Instagram)

Francis Zavier Ngannou is a 37-year-old professional MMA fighter and boxer born in Batie, Cameroon.

For much of his life, Ngannou struggled in poverty. His parents divorced when he was still a kid, and he had to work from childhood to survive the rough life of his village.

Ngannou started his journey in combat sports through professional boxing, as he considers Mike Tyson his idol. He started training at 22 and moved to France at 26 to formally begin his career.

Moreover, his struggles continued in Europe; he was jailed in Spain and was homeless in Paris.

Later, he met Fernand Lopez, who convinced him to try MMA and let Ngannou sleep and train in the gym for free.

After fighting in French promotion for a couple of years, Ngannou took his talents to the top level in UFC. He was the Heavyweight Champion before leaving UFC and signing with the PFL.

Does Francis Ngannou Have A Brother? Meet His Siblings

Francis Ngannou has three brothers and a sister. However, their personal details are not available to the public.

The MMA fighter worked in the sand mines with his oldest brother to support his family. But now times have changed, and his brothers are no longer just workers but business owners.

Francis Ngannou With His Mother And Siblings
Francis Ngannou With His Mother And Siblings (Source: Google)

Moreover, through his Instagram post, Francis clarified his older brother was a mechanic and truck driver. He saved enough money so that his brother could be a truck owner during his early career.

Meanwhile, his youngest brother Michel recently attained his diploma. He celebrates his birthday on October 23, is a massive fan of his champion brother, and frequently posts him on social media.

Parents And Other Family Members

Francis Ngannou was born in a relatively poor household. His father, Emannuel Fosso, and his mother, Mamma Ngannou, divorced when he was 6.

His father had an ugly reputation in the village as a street fighter. This pushed Francis to make a name for himself through combat sports.

Francis Ngannou With His Parents
Francis Ngannou With His Parents (Source: Reddit)

Unfortunately, Emmanuel died of a chronic illness when his son was just 15 years old. So Francis didn’t have any father figure in his life.

Francis left a heartfelt message to his father on his Instagram with a rare photo.

On the other hand, his mother still resides in Cameroon in the new house that her son built. Francis adores his mother and frequently posts about her on his Instagram.

He feels he needs to achieve more so that his mother, who had a tough life, can finally enjoy luxury.

The Ngannou Family Tree

Although the whole family lineage of Francis Ngannou is unknown, we can pick some important family members that have helped him throughout his life.

After his parent’s divorce, Francis lived with his aunt. He owes her greatly because if it wasn’t for her, he could’ve joined gangs and fallen on the wrong path.

Ngannou Family Celebrating Christmas
Ngannou Family Celebrating Christmas (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, he considers his maternal uncle Kenmoé Dieudonné a huge inspiration in his life.

Furthermore, he also enjoys quality time with his nieces and nephew.

Francis Ngannou VS. Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou is set to make his comeback, but this time in professional boxing.

On October 28, 2023, Ngannou will fight against the WBC Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury.

Mike Tyson Training Francis Ngannou
Mike Tyson Training Francis Ngannou Ahead Of His Huge Fight (Source: Instagram)

The buildup to this match is massive, as both fighters will fight for their legacy.

Moreover, with his idol training him, Francis ‘The Predator’ Ngannou looks confident and ready to make his impact by beating one of the best boxers of all time.


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