Gilles Gilbert Wife: Was He Married Before?

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Gilles Gilbert was one of North America’s most famous ice hockey players throughout the seventies and eighties. Still, he successfully kept his marital life a secret for many years.  

When Gilles passed away at the age of 74, it came as a surprise to many that he had been married to his wife, Diane, for over four decades. Together, they had two children.

While he was mostly away from home, playing professional sports in the United States, Gilbert’s wife, Diane, stayed behind, raising their kids. He once said that he was grateful to her for being patient with him for many years.

Late Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Player Gilles Gilbert
Late Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Player Gilles Gilbert (Source: Reddit)

Gilles Gilbert was a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. He played in the National Hockey League for around fourteen years, between 1969 and 1983. 

The Minnesota North Stars chose Gilbert as the 25th overall pick in the 1969 NFL draft.

Following that, he played for three different clubs in the league. However, his most memorable time was his stint with the Boston Bruins.

He led the Bruins to the Stanley Cup finals in the 1973-74 season but lost the series to the Philadelphia Flyers by 4-2. Although his performance in the latter seasons was no less brilliant, he never won the championship trophy.

Furthermore, Gilles Gilbert served as a goaltending coach for the New York Islanders from 1996 to 2001.

Gilles Gilbert Wife: Was He Married Before?

As mentioned above, Gilles Gilbert’s marital life remained outside the media’s radar for most of his life. Because of that, most NHL fans thought he was unmarried his whole life.

However, Gilbert was married to his wife, Diane Gilbert, for nearly fifty years.

Hailing from Quebec, the pair got married in 1974 and had two kids together- a son and a daughter. 

In a 2021 newspaper article, Gilles stated that his daughter, Jennifer, inherited the love for athletics from him and could play any sport. However, detail about her life is unknown.

Similarly, his son, Terry, is a firefighter. Although he was interested in ice hockey as a kid and played as a goalie for his school team, he later chose not to pursue a professional sports career.

More On Gilbert’s Early Life

Gilles Gilbert was born in Saint-Esprit, Quebec on March 31, 1949. Like every child in Quebec City, Gilles learned skating as soon as he began to walk. 

Growing up, his favorite sports were baseball and ice hockey. His dad, a native of Quebec, was also a goalie and taught him goaltending. Likewise, his mom also played street hockey often with her kids.

Young Gilles Gilbert
Young Gilles Gilbert (Source: Vintage Hockey Card Report)

Gilles’ older brother, who played ice hockey alongside him, later became a pro athlete and played in the American Hockey League for many years.

As for Gilles, he had already started playing hockey leagues when he was nine but was unsure which sport he would choose. Some MLB clubs had openly offered him to play baseball after school, but he eventually opted for an ice hockey career.

He was twelve when he played for junior Quebec Aces at the 1961 Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament.

Later on, his older brother convinced his AHL club coach to register Gilles as their backup goalie, after which he honed his skills under famous ice hockey coach Boom Boom Geoffrion.

Frequently Asked Question

Who was Gilles Gilbert Wife?

Gilles Gilbert wife was Diane Gilbert. 

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