Haaland knows that even if he played poorly, he would play again.

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How did the Red Bull become the scouting king of Europe?

The top talent of the continent comes through Leipzig or Salzburg. And now those who have done so are building their projects.

Erling Haaland, Sadio Mane, Timo Werner, Dayot Upamecano, Naby Keita, the list of talents to come to the Red Bull program continues.

Whether the player is doing spectacular RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls, or Red Bull Bragantino, what makes the program so different is that all clubs have the same clear vision players.

Some clubs, forced to play their part in talent identification and testing. Moreover, it is not surprising that several former Red Bull players have joined other top clubs.

From AC Milan to Chelsea, Monaco to Southampton, Red Bull’s fingers were found almost everywhere in testing and training. The same can say of the Eredivisie Vitesse outfit.

Johannes Spors, a former chief executive at Leipzig, is now the Dutch team’s sports manager and has recruited a few of his colleagues from Arnhem.

Spors, like many coaches, finds inspiration in Ralf Rangnick. 

Spors, like many coaches and sporting directors around Europe, finds inspiration in Ralf Rangnick. The man is called the ‘father’ of modern German football.

Johannes Spors (Source Teller Report)
Johannes Spors (Source: Teller Report)

Rangnick made a name for himself as Red Bull’s sports manager and manager, and Spors now aims to incorporate what they learned from the 62-year-old.

“Ralf is clear about his style of play, as well as the improved coaches,” Spors told Johannesburg. “This is how his style spread. 

You see how many coaches in Germany and the suburbs of Europe have worked with him.

There are also people like me who have different roles. Moreover, all these people are confident in that style of play.

It’s a significant development, and it’s crucial in football. In the end, football is always a battle of ideas. The important thing is that this is just one of the ideas.

Ralf’s greatest strength is to build a club. He took me to Red Bull after working at Hoffenheim. And because of him, I went there. 

We moved from the second division to the Champions League.

I learned a lot from him in a tough job. He always sits in the driver’s seat and wants a lot from everyone. Still, you can always count on him to do more for himself.

It is essential and the big difference between Red Bull to other clubs.

It’s always put the philosophy first. It is essential and the big difference between Red Bull to other clubs.

It’s an essential factor in a successful club. Trying and innovating in every department every season.”

Red Bulll's football empire (Source These Football Times)
Red Bulll’s football empire (Source: These Football Times)

Spors has joined Vitesse after signing both Werner and Upamecano from Leipzig. Since selling £ 95 million (£ 84.5m / $ 111m) to Chelsea and Bayern Munich, two Bundesliga rivals. 

Those who signed followed a long testing period before the club’s opinion set for the player.

Similar proceedings took place in Salzburg. A club persuaded a Haaland boy to join from Molde in 2019 before becoming the youngest top striker in world football.

Timo Werner was one of the players we tested. He had just got relegated to the second division with Stuttgart,” Spors said.

 “Also, why did we decide to visit him? Because there was a clear plan.

Timo Werner was one of the players

There was a clear history of his position concerning the place he entered. 

It is one of the qualities of a good evaluation, by seeing the ability and having the right environment to allow the player to grow.

Timo Warner (Source: Goal. com)
Timo Warner (Source: Goal. com)

If you sign young players, German clubs can often start work, which also happens in Vitesse. 

When we sign them here in Vitesse, I tell my players in four years, we don’t want you to take the next step, and I will take you there.

The key to a young player is playing time. A young player needs enough playing time to grow up. But not too much, which is why Haaland is a great role model.

I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to go to a big English club directly. But it would be best if you had a foundation for your career. 

Between 17-20 to have games at the highest level, but not too much. That’s what Haaland had in Salzburg.”

Haaland knew he was going to play again.

He knew he was going to play. And if he played poorly, he knew he was going to play again.

“I still remember when Upamecano arrived in Leipzig. The games took place at half-time or before half-time.

Erling Haaland (Source 90MIN)
Erling Haaland (Source: 90MIN)

He played with [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and received a yellow card, making a second mistake, and [Ralph] Hasenhuttl had to replace him.

“He didn’t kill him for making a mistake. But brought him back right away, and when you see progress. You must see the right time to play. That’s important.”

Now in Vitesse, Spors finds himself at the bottom of a football feed series, but with more commitment.

Spors finds himself at the bottom of a football feed series.

While famous in the UK for their many loan deals with Chelsea players, Vitesse is much more than that.

They want to grow with progressive European titles. However, they understand that closing the gap on the more affluent sides like Ajax is a challenge.

Vitesse (Source Teller Report)
Vitesse (Source: Teller Report)

“Vitesse has given me an excellent and sensible first step as a sports director because it’s a great place too,” Sorsors said. 

“They were looking for a sports manager who would use a clear vision and strategy for the club. 

So I felt like there was enough space for me to touch the club.

“Behind my background, here’s where I come from: putting style and philosophy of play forward; this is what I learned from Ralf Rangnick at the time.

“This is a new club that wants to develop young players. And the whole organization in Europe is the goal.

The Europa League or the Confed League, not the Champions League, if we are honest with ourselves.

The budget differences between Ajax and us PSV, Feyenoord, and even AZ Alkmaar are huge. But we want to work to close the gap firmly.

“Of course you see this season, we are in the cup final, and we are always in this competition to win it. 

In the league, we will have to work hard to close that gap.”

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