How Old Is Shelby Rogers?- Age, Boyfriend & Instagram Revealed

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Born on October 13, 1992, the American tennis star Shelby Rogers is 31 years old as of 2024.

Shelby Rogers, originally from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, discovered her passion for tennis at the age of six, inspired by her older sister, Sabra.

Recognized for her natural athletic ability, she quickly made her mark on the national stage and began competing in tennis tournaments at just eleven years old.

Rogers’ exceptional talent and dedication caught the attention of her coaches, leading to scholarship offers from renowned universities across the United States.

Shelby Rogers
Shelby Rogers (Source: The Guardian)

During her high school years, Rogers opted for home-schooling, allowing her to focus wholeheartedly on her tennis career.

Her impressive performances on the court solidified her reputation as a promising young player.

In 2009, at the age of eighteen, Rogers made the decision to turn professional and embark on her journey as a tennis pro.

Age, Boyfriend & Instagram Revealed

Shelby Rogers is 30 years old. Off the court, Rogers is engaged to John Slavik, sharing a deep connection and support for one another.

Additionally, she identifies as a Christian, and her faith plays a meaningful role in her life and career.

Shelby Rogers’ journey as a professional tennis player, combined with her academic achievements and personal relationships, exemplifies her all-around success and the values she upholds both on and off the court.

She is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram, with more than 58k followers as of this writing.

Shelby Rogers And John Slavik Love Life

Shelby Rogers and John Slavik were introduced by mutual friends and hit it off immediately.

For Shelby’s 30th birthday, they enjoyed a memorable day with family at Intercoastal. They engaged in activities such as swimming, boating, and enjoying a special dinner.

John expressed his love and gratitude for Shelby on Instagram, sharing photos from the celebration and calling her his world.

Shelby Rogers Engagement
Shelby Rogers Engagement (Source: Instagram)

In September 2022, they were spotted together in New York City, taking a selfie near a street café in Brooklyn.

Their first social media picture as a couple dates back to January 2020, when they went on a double date with friends in Florida.

Shelby and John are adventurous and enjoy activities like hiking and mountain climbing.

They had an exciting time at Chimney Tops Trail, including ziplining and walking on a suspension bridge.

They had been dating for the past three years, with Shelby turning 30 in October 2022. 

In April 2023, Rogers and her boyfriend, John, took their relationship to the next level as they got engaged.

Sharing their happiness with the world, Shelby delighted her fans by posting heartfelt photos capturing the special moment of John slipping a beautiful ring onto her finger.

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