Is CM Punk Jewish Or Christian? Religion And Ethnicity Revealed

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CM Punk does not follow Jewish or Christian religion since he is an atheist. He follows a straight-edge lifestyle.

For over a decade, fans have debated CM Punk’s religious affiliation despite his outspoken views. The discussion of whether he is Jewish or Christian continues among his followers today.

CM Punk Clad In Casual Attire And Flaunts His Arm Tattoos As He Appears In The WWE Championship
CM Punk Clad In Casual Attire And Flaunts His Arm Tattoos As He Appears In The WWE Championship (Source: Instagram)

He does not believe in god and has his own beliefs, which he sticks by.

Philip Jack Brooks, aka CM Punk, born on October 26, 1978, is an American professional wrestler currently signed with WWE.

The three-time World Heavyweight Championship winner began his professional career in 1999 on an independent circuit.

In 2002, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion joined Ring of Honor, where he won the ROH World Championship once.

Punk signed with WWE in 2005 and won the WWE Championship twice, the WWE Intercontinental Championship, and the World Tag Team Championship once.

The only back-to-back Money in the Bank ladder match winner departed from WWE in 2014, began his career in mixed martial arts, and signed with UFC.

In 2021, Punk returned to wrestling by signing with AEW, where he received the AEW World Championship title twice before returning to WWE in 2023.

The wrestler has also expanded his career in acting. He has acted in horror films such as Jakob’s Wife, Girl On The Third Floor, and Rabid.

Is CM Punk Jewish Or Christian?

The professional wrestler has been vocal about being an atheist. Punk has found himself involved in controversies regarding religion on multiple occasions.

According to a Reddit discussion in 2003, the WWE star outright said, “There is no god” towards the end of his Live Journal post.

In 2013, Punk stirred attention by proclaiming himself as “God” during a Raw promo before his match against John Cena.

The wrestling fans quickly voiced their opinion on the internet regarding his bold statement.

CM Punk Attired In Casuals As He Appears On WWE Survivor Series
CM Punk Attired In Casuals As He Appears On WWE Survivor Series (Source: Instagram)

In 2015, Karyn Bryant asked CM his opinion about MMA fighters, thanking god for having succeeded in a fight.

He replied, “Instead of thanking god, athletes should be thanking their coaches who help them win.”

In that year, at a live Q&A, fans also asked CM Punk about his religious beliefs and how they might impact his career.

The wrestler stated that he is never worried about his beliefs affecting him. Punk also mentioned that he would rather lose his job than lie.

In the past, he has been badgered by the wrestling fans who disagree with his beliefs. The WWE warned him several times to tone down and restrain his behavior.

CM Punk Grew Up In A Multi-Ethnic Family

Five times, the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion has admitted to having an Irish-American ethnic background.

CM Punk’s father hails from English, German, and Irish descent, while his mother comes from Polish heritage. 

Punk’s mother was a homemaker, and his father was an engineer. He was raised along with his five siblings in nearby Lockport, Illinois.

The WWE superstar’s father’s alcohol issues led him to follow a straight-edge lifestyle early on. He chose to avoid alcohol and harmful substances to live a clean and sober life.

While growing up, his mother’s bipolar disorder caused a rift between them. 

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