Is Howie Roseman Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity

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Football executive and lawyer Howie Roseman is Jewish. Although he never gets to do public events alongside his people, Roseman is a member of the Har Zion Temple in Penn Valley, a renowned synagogue in Pennsylvania.

A lifelong football enthusiast, Howie never played the game at school or college level. Even though he tried his best to convince his parents to allow him to play, they never permitted him.

However, he currently holds one of the important executive positions in one of the NFL’s most prominent teams

Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman
Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman (Source: Crossing Broad)

Howard Roseman, better known as Howie Roseman, is an American football executive who currently serves as the general manager and executive vice president for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.

A law graduate, Roseman initially joined the Eagles in 2000 as an unpaid intern for a small administrative post. Over the years, he was promoted to several administrative and executive posts within the club.

Howie assumed his position as the general manager of the Eagles in 2010 at just 34 years old, becoming the youngest-ever general manager in the last three decades. 

Is Howie Roseman Jewish? Religion & Family Ethnicity

Howie Roseman was born to his parents, Rhona Bernstein and Steven Roseman, on June 23, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York.

Both his parents are Jewish Americans and are from Marlboro, New Jersey.

Although Roseman does not speak much about his religion in public, he cares about his faith and is a member of Har Zion Temple in Pennsylvania.

Recently, in July 2023, he attended an event titled the 8th Annual Jackie & Hank Herskowitz Sports Night, where he mainly discussed football and his journey as an NFL executive.

Howie Roseman
Howie Roseman (Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

However, as the audience was mostly Jewish, one among them, Steve Rosenberg, asked him about the rising antisemitism in the United States and how he could help as an NFL executive to tackle the issue.

Acknowledging it as a serious problem, Howie replied, “The best thing we can do is do our jobs really well and show people that we do our jobs really well. If I do my job really well, I think that reflects well on who I am and where I come from.”

More On Howie’s Family

Even though Howie was born in New York, his mother, Rhona, raised him alongside his sister in Marlboro, New Jersey.

His dad, Steven, and his mother separated when he was a high schooler, and he started living with his mother and stepdad, Herb Bernstein, later. However, Steven lived in a nearby apartment, so he frequently visited his dad as well.

Speaking of Howie’s mom, she owned a small clothing store named RHONA’s, where she sold blouses, gowns, and pants. Currently in her seventies, she still owns and runs the store.

Raised in Brooklyn, she previously was an early childhood teacher for several years.

Furthermore, Howie is a married man. He married Mindy Alyse Friedman from Ohio in 2005 and has four children with her.

A New York State University graduate, Mindy was the investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers in Manhattan at the time of their marriage.

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