Is Kyle Hamilton Related To Tiger Woods? Family Tree

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The NFL safety Kyle Hamilton is not related to American golfer Tiger Woods. The rumors started circulating after Kyle jokingly said he was Woods’ cousin during NFL Pro-Bowl Skills Showdown.

Before showing off his golf skills, Kyle introduced himself to those watching as Tiger Woods’ cousin. It was one of the ways for the 22-year-old to say he was really good at golf and would be the one winning the Closest to the Pin round for the team.

Kyle Hamilton Pictured During The 2022 NFL Draft
Kyle Hamilton Pictured During The 2022 NFL Draft (Source: Instagram)

This year, the NFL Pro Bowl Skills showdown has ten different competitions, including dodgeball and madden. The first six events took place on February 1, Thursday and the rest four will happen on February 4, Sunday.

Though Kyle and Tiger aren’t related, Kyle impressed everyone with his first shot. But the youngster failed to keep his composure, and his second shot went in the opposite direction. 

Is Kyle Hamilton Related To Tiger Woods?

The American Baltimore Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton has no relation to the legendary golfer Tiger Woods. Though in the video, Kyle claimed to be Tiger’s cousin, the American safety or the golfer have never talked about their family relationship.

The two are famous personalities, and at one point during their multiple interviews, they would’ve mentioned each other if they were related. It was clearly a joke from Kyle’s side to say he is a talented golfer and will make his shot. 

Kyle comes from a family with mixed ethnicity, just like Tiger. Kyle’s mother is Korean, and his father is Black. When Tiger Woods first burst onto the scene, his ancestral root was a popular topic.

Woods had previously clarified that he is one-quarter Thai, one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Caucasian, one-eighth African-American, and one-eighth Native American. 

Kyle Hamilton Bought His Mom, Jackie A Car In 2022
Kyle Hamilton Bought His Mom, Jackie A Car In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Tiger Woods’ father, Earl Woods, was native to Manhattan, Kansas, but Kyle’s dad’s family came from Mobile, Alabama. Kyle’s mother, Jackie, has roots in South Korea, but Tiger’s mother, Kultida Woods, is originally from Kanchanaburi, Thailand. 

Though there is a similarity between the two athletes being raised in mixed households, Kyle and Tiger do not share any family connection. Previously, Kyle described himself as a chameleon who can fit in with several cultures. 

He said, “My mom is Korean, my dad is Black, my mom is from South Korea. My dad is from Mobile, Alabama. I grew up in Atlanta. I was born in Greece. And then, I went to school in Indiana.”

Hamilton added that coming from different cultures opens one’s eyes to different perspectives and teaches one to respect others’ beliefs, regions, and foods.

Tiger Woods Siblings

Born to Earl and Kultida Woods, Tiger’s parents met in Thailand, where his father was stationed during the Vietnam War. Tigers’ mother, Kultida, worked as a secretary and later followed Earl to New York, where they married. 

Woods is the only child of his parents, but he has three half-siblings. Earl Woods married Barbara Gray in 1954, but the two divorced in 1968. Tigers’ half-brothers are Earl Jr and Kevin Woods. He also has a half-sister named Royce.

Tiger isn’t close to his half-siblings, and they previously claimed to be abandoned by the golfer. Previously, in 2013, Earl Jr said that his brother, Kevin suffers from multiple sclerosis and that he calls Tiger to give him updates, but he never hears anything back.

Tiger And Cheyenne Share A Strong Bond Despite Their Family Problems
Tiger And Cheyenne Share A Strong Bond Despite Their Family Problems (Source: Instagram)

He had a closer bond with his sister, Royce, for whom he bought a house. But during an interview, his half-siblings said they haven’t talked to Tiger since their dad’s funeral in 2006.

Woods’ niece, Cheyenne, daughter of Earl Jr and his wife Susan, is a professional golfer. She turned pro in 2012 and previously won the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters in 2014. She also won the 2012 SunCoast Ladies Series LPGA International.

Up until 2013, Cheyenne and Tiger shared a strong bond, and Tiger even called Cheyenne to spend time in Florida with him for Thanksgiving. 

She previously said her half-uncle had always been an inspiration and that he handed her advice when she began her professional career.

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