Is Sam Kerr Gay?- When Did She Come Out?

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Yes, the Australian soccer player, Sam Kerr, is openly gay and is in a relationship with American soccer player Kristie Mewis.

She was previously in a relationship with Nikki Stanton, her former teammate from both Perth Glory and the Chicago Red Stars.

Sam and Kristie have been in a relationship since the beginning of 2021. Before meeting Sam, Kristie was in a relationship with English professional soccer player Rachel Daly.

Is Sam Kerr Gay?- When Did She Come Out?
Sam Kerr (Source: The Mirror)

Samantha May Kerr currently plays for Chelsea in the FA Women’s Super League and the Australia women’s national team (the Matildas), which she has captained since 2019. 

Kerr is widely regarded as one of the greatest forwards in the history of women’s soccer.

Her career began at the age of 15 when she joined Perth Glory, where she played from 2008 to 2012. Following her stint at Perth Glory, she moved to Sydney FC.

In 2013, Kerr made a significant move to the Western New York Flash, joining them for the inaugural season of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Her impact was immediate, as she played a pivotal role in leading the team to victory in the NWSL Shield, showcasing her exceptional skills and contributions to the team’s success.

Is Sam Kerr Gay?- When Did She Come Out?

In August 2021, Sam Kerr publicly announced her LGBTQI identity in an Instagram post, marking an important moment in her personal journey.

Born on September 10, 1993, in Fremantle, Australia, a port city in the Perth metropolitan area, Kerr hails from a family of athletes.

Both her father and brother were Australian rules footballers, while her uncle was a horse jockey.

Introduced to Australian rules football (AFL) at a young age, Kerr quickly developed a passion for the sport.

However, due to the absence of girls’ leagues during her upbringing, Kerr had to play alongside boys. Despite her initial focus on AFL, soccer eventually became a prominent part of her life.

At the age of 12, Kerr’s family encouraged her to transition to soccer, as playing Australian football with boys became too physically demanding.

Is Sam Kerr Gay?- When Did She Come Out?
Sam Kerr As A Kid (Source: The West Australian)

Although initially having limited interest in the sport, Kerr made her debut for the Australian women’s national soccer team just three years later.

Her natural athleticism played a significant role in her rapid rise in the sport, as she discussed on the Just Women’s Sports podcast with Kelly O’Hara.

Kerr’s first cap for the Matildas, the Australian women’s national soccer team, came as a surprise to her at the age of 15.

Unaware of the significance of the moment, she didn’t expect to be on the field and, unfortunately, had informed her family not to attend the match—an aspect she expressed regret over in a 2021 interview with Sandra Sully of 10 News First.

Nevertheless, Kerr went on to have numerous opportunities to represent her country, eventually reaching the remarkable milestones of 100 caps and 48 goals with the Matildas in 2021, solidifying her status as a key figure in Australian women’s soccer.

Furthermore, with her public announcement of her LGBTQI identity, Kerr demonstrated her willingness to share her personal journey and contribute to promoting inclusivity and representation in the world of sports.

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