Is Texans Owner Racist? More On Janice McNair Controversy With Son

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Texans Owner Racist: The McNair family, who are owners and operators of the NFL franchise Houston Texans, have found themselves guilty of racist remarks on several occasions.

With allegations of racism and an in-family court battle, it is certainly not a good time for the McNair family.

Things on the NFL field look positive, with the Texans making the 2024 NFL playoffs.

However, off the field, the owners repeatedly find themselves in controversy and trouble.

Texans Principal Owner Janice McNair
Texans Principal Owner Janice McNair (Source: Forbes)

Janice McNair took over duties as the principal owner of the Houston Texans in 2018 after team founder Bob McNair died.

Additionally, Janice was raised in South Carolina, and from an early age, she was active in sports, choir, and student government.

Academically, she graduated from Columbia College with a degree in education. Later, she would receive an honorary doctorate from her alma mater.

The Texan ownership family is involved in excellent charity work. Janice and the McNair family have contributed more than a half billion dollars to charity. 

Is Texans Owner Racist? 

It is no secret in the football world that the McNair family has been facing allegations of racism for a long time.

The first account came in 2018 when the late Bob McNair criticized African-American players for taking the knee.

Not only did he criticize the act of solidarity, but he would double down on the remark, saying,

“We can’t have inmates running the prison”.

Former Texans Owner, Late Bob Mcnair
Former Texans Owner, Late Bob Mcnair (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Indicating he is not fond of African-American players and their stance against racism for taking a knee, Bob was heavily criticized for his comments.

Another instance of the McNair family’s racist persona came with Bob’s son, Cal McNair, in 2021.

Paying hundreds of dollars to a firm to help find a GM, Cal ignored their recommendations.

The owner ignored two African Americans, Omar Khan and Louis Riddick.

Instead, he opted for a white man in Nick Caserio. Additionally, it was also reported that the then-Texans star man Deshaun Watson was furious at this decision.

Besides, the franchise also has a history of hiring coaches and staff with a questionable history regarding racist actions.

Not only is this a bad look for themselves and the Texans, but it has also affected results.

Subsequently, the Texans are seen as one of the most underachieving franchises in NFL history.

Janice McNair Controversy With Son

After the confirmation of the franchise’s first playoff berth in 5 seasons, the Texans find themselves in another controversy.

Robert Cary McNair Jr. is claiming that his mother, Janice McNair, the owner and co-founder of the Texans, should be declared incapacitated.

In the court document, Robert listed why his mother needs a guardian.

Following this, Janice refuted any allegations that she had such a medical condition.

“Ms. McNair and Cal are firmly against any allegation or implication that Ms. McNair is incapacitated or needs guardianship.”

Janice McNair And Son Cal McNair
Janice McNair And Son Cal McNair (Source: CBS)

Releasing an affidavit, she stated such a family dispute is uncalled for and will only affect the Texans’ playoff performances.

“The details of this family dispute becoming public will have a serious impact on the Texans. It will create a needless and baseless media stir negatively affecting our employees, business partners, and the team.”

It will be interesting to see how this family row affects the Texans, who enter their biggest game in 5 years.

They have welcomed the Cleveland Browns, hoping to put all this off-the-field noise behind them.

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