Is Tramon Mark Gay Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

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Rumors about Tramon Mark being gay started after an X account shared a post alleging he has a relationship with teammate Trevon Brazile. The Razorbacks players have not addressed the rumors.

On Thursday, the Razorbacks fan forum was set ablaze by the rumors about three of their players being involved in a relationship. The post shared on X had caused a discourse among the fans, with many believing it to be false. 

The Razorbacks Guard Tramon Mark Pictured Celebrating During A Game In December
The Razorbacks Guard Tramon Mark Pictured Celebrating During A Game In December (Source: Instagram)

The two players involved in the rumor, one of them being Trevon Brazile, who is out of the team due to injuries, and Davonte Davis, has left the program. But Tramon did feature in the recent blowout loss against LSU.

Tramon played three years of collegiate basketball at the University of Houston. In his senior year, Mark opted to enter the NBA Draft but later removed his name from consideration and joined Arkansas.

Is Tramon Mark Gay, Or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

The Razorbacks player Tramon Mark name has now been embroiled in gay rumors after a tweet from the X account Joe’s Pick went viral. 

The X user, Joe’s Pick, shared an image of a notes app message, which contained a message talking about three Razorback players’ ongoing situation. The three players are Davonte Davis, Trevon Brazile, and Tramon Mark. 

The message alleges that Davis and Brazile were dating, but Brazile cheated on Davis with Mark. Davis found out about the alleged cheating and has now left the Razorback program.

The message also alleges that Mark had to leave his former side, Houston Cougars, because of his sexual orientation. The message further states that Arkansas’ head coach, Eric Musselman, wants to leave the side because of the above case.

The Post Shared By Joe's Pick Quickly Went Viral On The Razorbacks Fan Forum
The Post Shared By Joe’s Pick Quickly Went Viral On The Razorbacks Fan Forum (Source: Twitter)

None of the three players involved have talked about the rumors, with Davis not explaining why he has left the Razorbacks program. Trevon is also currently out of the team due to knee issues.

But Tramon has continued playing for the side. We aren’t stating that any of it is true, and there is a common belief that this is all rumors. 

A Razorbacks fan has shared the same sentiment and wrote on Joe Pick’s post that one player missing a game and another player stepping away from the program does not correlate with them being gay.

There are already huge taboos surrounding male athletes’ sexual orientation. So, such rumors only harm the player and make their lives difficult.

It is believed that the Razorbacks guard, Tramon, has a girlfriend. In his recent photo dump, Tramon can be seen with a girl, but he hasn’t tagged the girl in the post. 

Tramon Mark Family 

Tramon Mark is the youngest child of Truitt Mark Jr and Vertresa Mark. He has two elder siblings named Chloe and Ivery Mark. 

His parents, Truitt and Vertresa Mark have remained out of the spotlight. Vertresa is available on Instagram but has kept her handle private. 

Tramon’s older brother, Ivery Mark, is a College of the Mainland graduate and isn’t very active on social media. He has previously shared a few posts on his Facebook handle, with the latest one being last month.

Tramon Mark Pictured With His Family During Christmas 2023
Tramon Mark Pictured With His Family During Christmas 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The Razorbacks player’s older sister, Chloe Mark, is a University of Texas At Austin graduate. She earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations and is currently a media associate at Starcom Worldwide.

She is available on Instagram, where she has shared several pictures of her traveling worldwide and enjoying different cultures. Last year, she shared a few family pictures, including one with her brothers and their parents. 

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