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Isa Guha’s husband, Richard Thomas, was previously in the band Brother & Bones. Richard tied the knot with the former cricket player in 2018.

The former British cricket player found her soulmate in the musician Richard Thomas who recently made his solo debut. The couple had known each other for well over six years before they wed in Cornwall.

Coming from an Indian heritage, Isa had a traditional Hindu wedding with Richard. The couple will celebrate their fifth anniversary later this year in September. 

Isa And Richard Tied The Knot In A Traditional Hindu Manner In September 2018
Isa And Richard Tied The Knot In A Traditional Hindu Manner In September 2018 (Source: Instagram)

After making her cricket debut in 2002 against Scotland in ODI, Isa last played in international cricket in 2011. Guha has since worked in the media, notably with BBC Sports, SkySports, and ITV Sports.  

Recently, she was part of the BBC Sport team that covered the Wimbledon Championship, with many even thinking she could be Sue Barker’s replacement. 

In her recent interview, the commentator also talked about the impact of late Australian cricket legend Shane Warne’s impact on her career. The two had previously worked at Sky Sports, Triple M, and Fox. 

Isa Guha Husband, Richard Thomas

Isa Guha’s husband, Richard Thomas, was previously the lead vocalist of the band Brother & Bones. 

The English band was formed in 2009 and was a five-member band, including Richard. The multifaceted man Richard not only provided vocals but also played acoustic guitar.

The band comprised Alex Karban on bass, James Willard on electric guitar, Yiannis Sachinis on drum, and Robin Howell on percussion. On their official website, it states the five men grew up together, with the place of origin on the band being Cornwall. 

Richard Released His Debut Album What Circus Is This? In 2022
Richard Released His Debut Album, What Circus Is This? In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The band’s popularity rose in 2012 with songs such as Hold Me Like The Sun and B-Side Show Me Love, but their popularity remained limited only in the UK. Their last album was in 2015, which was their self-titled album.

The band started full of promises, but in the cruel entertainment world, they couldn’t last. From their official Instagram page, in 2020, Brother & Bones announced their disbandment. 

Since the disbandment, the boys have been working on their solo projects. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when Richard was one of the first to release new music among them. 

Last year on December 10, Richard, who goes by the stage name RD Thomas released his debut album, What Circus Is This? The 11-track album consisted of songs, Numbers Game, Headlines, and Paint By Numbers You.

Richard is available on Instagram with the username @r_d_thomas, and earlier this year, in May performed in Madrid. 

Isa Guha And Richard Thomas Relationship Timeline 

Isa Guha and Richard Thomas haven’t provided the exact date or the reason behind their first meeting. 

The English couple went public with their romance in 2012, with Isa sharing an individual shot of Richard sitting in Italy on her Instagram handle. So she did. 

Isa didn’t share any post related to news of her relationship on Instagram for several years before sharing a picture of her and Richard celebrating Christmas at the Australian beach. 

The couple tied the knot in September 2018 in a ceremony attended by both their beautiful family members. The wedding ceremony was a Hindu ceremony held at Carbis Bay, Cornwall. 

Isa And Richard Pictured At The Glastonbury Festival In 2022
Isa And Richard Pictured At The Glastonbury Festival In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

On September 20, 2018, Isa shared a short glimpse of her wedding ceremony with Richard. Throughout the years, the former cricket player has shared a few pictures of her and Richard on social media. 

Last year, the music heads took a trip to Glastonbury and enjoyed the five-day festival. And a year prior, they also traveled to watch the Women’s Wimbledon game. 

Isa has previously shared her husband’s musical talent on her IG page as she posted a video of him performing a beautiful soulful song. Last year on their fourth anniversary, the couple traveled to Italy to celebrate the occasion. 

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