Jack Draper Parents: Who Are Roger And Nicky?

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The English tennis sensation, Jack Draper, was born to his parents, Roger Draper and Nicky Draper, both of whom have played pivotal roles in his athletic journey.

Notably, Jack’s mother, Nicky, boasts an impressive title as the former Junior British Tennis Champion, underscoring her own tennis prowess during her younger years.

Jack’s early connection with the sport began at the tender age of one, and it was his mother, Nicky, who played a crucial role in nurturing his talent and providing guidance throughout his formative years.

Jack Draper Is The English Professional Tennis Player
Jack Draper Is The English Professional Tennis Player (Source: Instagram)

With unwavering support from his parents and his own relentless dedication to the sport, Jack Draper has achieved remarkable success in his professional tennis career.

One standout achievement is his impressive runner-up finish in the 2018 Wimbledon Champions, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Furthermore, Jack has consistently excelled in the world rankings, reaching the impressive position of Number 38 in singles as of January 16, 2023, according to the ATP.

His accomplishments on and off the court have allowed him to amass a substantial fortune.

In addition to his earnings from tournaments, Jack benefits from lucrative endorsements with renowned brands such as Vodafone, Nike, and Dunlop.

Collectively, these income streams have contributed to his reported net worth, which stands at an impressive $3 million.

Jack Draper Parents | Roger Draper And Nicky Draper

Jack, the talented tennis player, was born on December 22, 2001, to his parents, Roger and Nicky. While he was born in Sutton, London, he was primarily raised near Ashtead.

Jack’s upbringing was notably positive, thanks in large part to his parents’ successful careers. His father, Roger, is both academically accomplished and professionally distinguished.

Roger holds the impressive distinction of earning degrees in two distinct sports, namely Rugby League and Tennis.

Delving into Roger’s professional background, it becomes evident that he possesses a wealth of experience. Prior to his tenure with the Lawn Tennis Association, he had a notable career at the English Sports Council.

Jack Draper With His Father, Roger Draper
Jack Draper With His Father, Roger Draper (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Roger stands out as one of the youngest individuals ever to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer at Sport England, a testament to his leadership and capabilities.

Currently, he serves as a Global Business Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group, where he plays a pivotal role in offering consultancy services to sports clubs, federations, and government bodies.

Roger’s impressive career includes his tenure as the CEO of the Warrington Wolves, where he made significant contributions to the organization.

Additionally, he held the esteemed position of Executive Director for the Super League, further solidifying his influence and expertise in the world of sports management.

Jack’s Mother’s Profession

The athlete’s mother, Nicky, boasts a rich background as a former professional tennis player, actively participating in numerous national-level tournaments throughout her career.

Interestingly, tennis runs in Nicky’s family, as both her mother and brother were deeply involved in the sport during her playing days.

Following her retirement from professional tennis, Nicky embarked on a coaching career at Parkside School in Cobham.

During this period, a young Jack Draper began to hone his skills, with Nicky providing guidance not only to him but also to her students.

It’s evident that Jack inherited his tenacity, playing prowess, and discipline from both of his parents, which undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping his successful tennis career.

Jack Draper Almost Missed His 2023 US Open

In the middle of 2023, Jack entered the 2023 French Open, ready to give it his all. However, his determined efforts were soon hampered by a nagging shoulder injury that surfaced during his matches.

Regrettably, the injury forced Jack to suspend his campaign after the first round against Tomás Martín Etcheverry at the French Open.

On June 8, 2023, Jack announced his decision to forgo the entire grass season due to this injury.

Despite this setback, Jack’s resilience remained unwavering, and he refused to miss the 2023 US Open (held from August 22 to September 10).

However, his determination was tested when he experienced excruciating shoulder pain during the warm-up session.

Having already missed Wimbledon, Jack was determined not to be absent from the 2023 US Open. He bravely chose to participate in the tournament.

Although Jack had concerns about his shoulder injury potentially hindering his performance, he managed to push through, making it to the third round.

Notably, in the second round, Draper secured an impressive victory against Hubert Hurkacz.

Jack Draper After Reaching Third Round In 2023 US Open
Jack Draper After Reaching Third Round In 2023 US Open (Source: Instagram)

Following his hard-fought victory, Jack candidly revealed his apprehensions about potentially having to withdraw from the US Open due to his persistent injury. He stated:


Thankfully, Jack did not have to cut short his participation and return home, as he appeared to be in good physical shape.

With his dedication and determination, he remained optimistic about his prospects in the ongoing competition, provided that everything continued to progress favorably.

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