Who Is Jacob Joshua? Anthony Joshua Brother- Age Gap

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Fans have been curious about Anthony Joshua brother Jacob Joshua, who is a real estate investor, somewhat of a rapper, and more of a supportive brother.

Born on 15 October 1989, Anthony Joshua is a British boxer. The two-time former unified heavyweight champion is a fearsome personality if you have to meet him in the ring. 

Joshua is said to be a vivid reader and chess player, which he started as a means to reinforce his tactical ability in the boxing ring. 

The boxer is also a philanthropist and seems to be very invested in giving back to the community, and can be seen in various charity and community programs. 

Joshua In A Charity Event
Joshua In A Charity Event (Source: Instagram)

Anthony is currently affiliated with the Clean herts community and is often seen engaging with children to help with their personal development.

He went to Meridian Estate for his schooling, and he was called “Femi” by his friends and former teachers due to his middle name, Oluwafemi.

The boxer always seemed to have an athletic edge ever since as a child. He excelled and soccer and athletics.

Moreover, Joshua had broken his school’s year nine 100-meter record at the time. 

Who is Anthony Joshua Brother Jacob Joshua?

Anthony has a younger brother Jacob Joshua, who seems to be very supportive of his brother and tries his best to attend most of his brother’s matches.

The brother also was also said to be an aspiring rapper in the past, he had released several tracks under the name “Jacobtheplvg.”
Jacob is said to be in real estate these days, but in the past, he had worked as
Anthony Joshua With His Brother Jacob Joshua And His Fiance
Anthony Joshua With His Brother Jacob Joshua And His Fiance (Source: Instagram)
He is currently engaged to his long-time girlfriend Samantha Keegan, the couple have been together since 2012. 
The couple is constantly posting each other on their Instagram with cute and cheesy captions. 
Jacob has also been featured in some of Anthony’s social media posts, where he is seen hanging out with his brother and his friends.
The date of birth of the boxer’s brother, however, has not been revealed as of yet. 

Anthony Joshua Ethnicity And Family

Joshua shares a mixed heritage and draws a lineage from two different ethnicities. His mother is Nigerian, while his father is Irish. 

The boxer’s father is Robert Joshua, and his mother is Yeta Odusanya. If we are being more specific, his Nigerian heritage traces back to the aristocracy of the region.

He is a descendant of the Yoruba people, which is a part of the West African ethnic group.

Joshua With His Father Mother And Other Family Members
Joshua With His Father, Mother, And Other Family Members (Source: Instagram)

The Joshuas are well-known in Sagamu, a conglomeration of 13 towns in the southwest of Nigeria, and their ancestry runs through several generations there.

Joshua spent a good amount of his childhood years back in Nigeria. He went to school in a boarding school in Ikenne and also learned a lot of sports there.

At aged 12, his parents got divorced, and he returned back to the UK when he was just halfway through year seven. 

Although the boxer seems to have drawn strong genetics from his Nigerian heritage, his brother Joshua looks like he leans more toward the Irish lineage. 

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