Jakob Ingebrigtsen Parents: Gjert And Tone Ingebrigtsen

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Jakob Ingebrigtsen parents, father, Gjert, and mother, Tone, raised him to be hardworking and dedicated to his craft. 

The talented sprinter is not only an athlete of his family, as his older siblings, Henrik and Filip, are also middle-distance runners.

They received coaching from their father until 2022.

The family is also featured in a five-season Norwegian reality show called “Team Ingebrigtsen,” which shows the trials and tribulations of middle-distance running.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen During Practice
Jakob Ingebrigtsen During Practice (Source: Instagram)

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is a middle- and long-distance runner from Norway, the current world indoor record holder for the 1500 meters. 

At the age of 16, he became the youngest runner to complete a mile in under four minutes during the IAAF Diamond League event. 

In addition to these remarkable achievements, Ingebrigtsen has clinched the title of European champion on four occasions.

He secured gold medals in both the 1500 meters and 5000 meters in 2018 and repeated this feat in 2022.

Furthermore, he seized a gold medal in the 1500 meters at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, setting new Olympic and European records in the process.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen Parents 

Jakob Ingebrigtsen was born on 19 September 2000, in Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway, to parents Gjert and Tone Ingebrigtsen

Father Gjert, though not an athlete or a formally trained coach, has mentored three of his six children to excel in sports. 

He serves as the coach for these three brothers, and his coaching approach is remarkable.

Unlike many cases where parents coach their children to success, Ingebrigtsen Sr. had no prior experience in the sport; he worked in logistics and was an accountant at his wife’s hair salon.

Parents Of Jakob Ingebrigtsen
Parents Of Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Source: Instagram)

Despite his unconventional methods and reputation for strictness, he has achieved impressive results, turning Norway into a competitive force in track and field.

Ingebrigtsen Sr. believes that his success stems from his dictatorial coaching style, which emphasizes quick and precise decision-making.

He criticizes the more relaxed and democratic approach to sports in Norway, attributing the country’s lack of athletic medals to this attitude.

The coach also insists on high professionalism, a focused mindset, and unwavering commitment to his coaching directives as essential qualities for success in his eyes.

As a result of his work, in 2018, he was awarded the title of Norwegian Sports Coach of the Year. 

Father Is No Longer Their Coach 

In the winter of 2022, the relationship between the father and his sons soured, leading to his removal as their coach.

Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s reputation for his dominating manner had been well-known for a while, but the reasons behind the rift remained speculative until a July interview with the New York Times.

In the interview, Jakob Ingebrigtsen revealed that his father would often become restless, which could affect everyone around him, particularly in the lead-up to competitions.

The Ingebrigtsen Family
The Ingebrigtsen Family (Source: Instagram)

There were instances where his father’s anger would quickly escalate, a not uncommon occurrence when parents were involved in coaching their children in professional sports.

The brothers also shared a situation where Gjert was said to have become furious because Jakob had eaten too much for lunch before a competition.

The father, however, denied reacting as strongly as the brothers claimed he did.

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