James Magnussen Girlfriend Rose McEvoy Has Law Degree

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James Magnussen girlfriend, Rose McEvoy, was recently promoted to an associate position at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers. Rose began dating the Olympian medalist in 2014. 

The former Australian swimmer James Magnussen made headlines in 2015 after going public with his romance with then-21-year-old model/law student Rose McEvoy.

The couple has come far and is still going strong nine years into their relationship. 

James And Rose Pictured Enjoying The View From Laurieton Lookout In 2020
James And Rose Pictured Enjoying The View From Laurieton Lookout In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Rose is now an associate, and James, after having retired as a swimmer, has done some work in television. His latest endeavor has seen him participate in the show Dancing With The Stars. 

Earlier this year, James announced he was entering the competition with Australian ballroom dancer Natalie Lowe, and last night the pair being ever so close to the grand finale were knocked out of the competition. 

But this might not be the last we see of James, and hopefully has many other projects coming in the next few months. 

James Magnussen Girlfriend, Rose McEvoy

James Magnussen’s girlfriend, Rose McEvoy, graduated with a law degree from the University of Sydney. 

She completed her LLB in 2018 and a bachelor of arts degree in French Studies. The same year, she enrolled in the master’s program at the University of Sydney and graduated in 2022. 

Before earning her bachelor’s degree, Rose worked as a law clerk at Nicholas O’Donohuse & Co. She joined Moisson Lawyers in 2016.

Before graduating in 2018, she joined Warath Chambers as a legal assistant. She had worked at Warath for ten months before joining her current workplace at Brown Wright Stein Lawyers. 

Rose McEvoy Earned Her Master's Degree In Law From The University Of Sydney Earlier This Year In May
Rose McEvoy Earned Her Master’s Degree In Law From The University Of Sydney Earlier This Year In May (Source: Instagram)

Rose joined Brown Wright Stein Lawyers as a graduate lawyer in 2019 and has slowly climbed up the ranks. She became their lawyer in 2019 and was promoted to senior lawyer in 2021. 

Earlier this month, Rose became an associate with Brown Wright Stein. At Brown Wright, McEvoy specializes in tax, including a mix of advisory work and tax litigation. 

She has expertise in income tax and capital gains tax, NSW State Taxes, and taxation disputes. Along with being good at her job, Rose also tries to maintain a healthy social life. 

On her Instagram, Rose has shared several pictures of her travels with her boyfriend and family.

The lawyer also tries to keep up with her boyfriend in fitness and has shared several videos of her weightlifting and training in the gym. 

James Magnussen And Rose McEvoy Relationship Timeline 

James Magnussen and Rose McEvoy went public with their relationship in 2014. It was the swimmer who first decided to share a picture of them on his Instagram handle. 

The cute couple made their way to the Derby Day party in November 2014, and a month later, Rose shared a post for her beau captioning it, “Bye, bye, boyfriend.”

Since then, the couple has shared tons of loved-up pictures of them on social media. On her 21st birthday in 2015, Rose posed with her athletic beau, cuddled up, and thanked her friends for making the night special. 

James And Rose Pictured At The Museum Of Contemporary Art Sydney Event In 2019
James And Rose Pictured At The Museum Of Contemporary Art Sydney Event In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

The two have attended several events together in the recent year, and where James goes, Rose is a plus one. But along with being his partner at major celebrity events, James has also attended Rose’s corporate party events with Brown Wright. 

The lovely pairing of the two is also a parent to a furry baby. The couple adopted a Dachshund named Olli, who has been seen in several photographs in the last few years. 

Rose has been supportive of her boyfriend and his dance moves on Dancing With The Stars.

After James was knocked out of the competition, Rose shared an Instagram story, thanking Natalie, and wrote she had never thought she would see James dance. 

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