Jameson Williams Brother: Jaden And James Williams Jr

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Jameson Williams grew up with two brothers and a sister, all of whom shared a passion for speed.

The athletic inclination runs in the family, as both his parents and siblings were involved in track during high school and college.

American Football Wide Receiver Jameson Williams
American Football Wide Receiver Jameson Williams (Source: Instagram)

Born on March 26, 2001, Jameson Williams attended Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School and committed to playing football at Ohio State.

The wide receiver played two seasons at Ohio State before transferring to Alabama in 2021. He finished his collegiate career with a 2021 SEC Championship and a 2021 Cotton Bowl win.

The Detroit Lions drafted Williams in the first round as the 12th overall pick in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Following that, the 23-year-old made his NFL debut against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13 of the 2022 season.

Jameson Williams Brother

The Detroit Lions wide receiver was born to parents Tianna and James Williams Sr. on March 26, 2001.

Both of his parents were accomplished runners who crossed paths while participating in their high school track team.

Jameson Williams Parents Tianna and James Williams Sr.
Jameson Williams Parents Tianna and James Williams Sr. (Source: NFL)

Jameson has two brothers and one sister: one elder brother named James Williams Jr., one elder sister named Ja’lanna, and one younger brother named Jaden.

Furthermore, his three siblings all ran track in college.

Elder Brother: James Williams Jr.

Jameson’s elder brother, James Williams Jr., studied at Cardinal Ritter High School. He then attended Northwest Missouri State.

Jameson Elder Brother James Williams Jr.
Jameson Elder Brother, James Williams Jr. (Source: Northwest Missouri State Athletics)

James ran track at the college and achieved personal bests of 22.88 in the 200m, 49.38 in the 400m, 1:25:41 in the 600m, and 1:58:13 in the 800m.

Younger Brother: Jaden

Jaden Williams enrolled at East St. Louis High School and is currently attending Wayne State University.

Like his parents and brother, he also participates in track and football.

Jameson Younger Brother Jaden
Jameson Younger Brother, Jaden (Source: WTCAthletics)

Previously, he attended Western Texas College and Eastern Michigan.

He has a personal best of 22.43 in the 200m, 50.92 in the 400m, and 54.63 in the 400H.

Elder Sister: Ja’lanna

Meanwhile, Ja’lanna ran track at Wayland Baptist University.

Jameson Sister, Ja’lanna
Jameson Sister, Ja’lanna (Source: WBU Athletics)

She achieved personal bests of 54.81 in the 400m, 1:31.87 in the 600m, and 2:10.30 in the 800m.

Oreo McFlurry Double

Wide receiver Jameson Williams gained widespread attention recently by showcasing his culinary invention, the “Oreo McFlurry Double.”

Williams’ unconventional meal caught the internet’s eye on Tuesday, his off-day when he shared an Instagram story featuring a photo of an Oreo McFlurry creatively placed on top of his cheeseburger.

The reaction to this fusion of flavors was mixed, with some social media users finding it unusual.

Despite the varied reviews, Williams enthusiastically rates the meal a perfect 10 out of 10.

Oreo McFlurry Double
Oreo McFlurry Double (Source: Instagram)

Defending his creation, he encourages others to give it a try, stating, “It was good, I think y’all should try it.”

This isn’t the first instance of Williams sharing his unique food combinations on social media.

Earlier this year, he went viral for a snapshot featuring Flamin’ Hot Cheetos layered with queso cheese sauce.

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