Janel Grant Husband And Kids: Family Of Former WWE Staff

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The former WWE employee Janel Grant has no husband and is believed to be unmarried. The Connecticut native Janel’s filing doesn’t mention her having a partner or kids. 

Grant has accused Vince McMahon of abusing her and sex trafficking her to other WWE executives in the complaint filed in Connecticut federal court on Thursday. In 2019, Vince McMahon created the “administrator co-ordinator” position to bring Grant into the company. 

The WWE Founder Vince McMahon Has Resigned From His Position With TKO After The Lawsuit Was Filed Against Him
The WWE Founder Vince McMahon Resigned From His Position With TKO After The Lawsuit Was Filed Against Him (Source: Twitter)

Grant remained employed with WWE until 2022, when she was fired by Vince McMahon, saying his wife had found out about their relationship.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that  WWE was investigating an alleged $3 million payment from McMahon to a departing female employee following a consensual affair.

At the time, Janel was unnamed and claimed she received $1 million but no further payment afterward. With Janel filing the lawsuit, McMahon has resigned from the parent company, TKO Group. The WWE founder has denied the allegations. 

Janel Grant Husband And Kids

The former WWE employee Janel Grant husband and her family remain out of the public limelight. Grant has already faced repercussions of speaking out against Vince McMahon and probably doesn’t want her family dragged into it.

According to the filing, Janel might not have had a husband and probably has never tied the knot. In Janel’s statement, there has been a mention of her family, including her parents.

One of the first three para of the filing talks about Janel’s family dynamic. Grant and McMahon were introduced in 2019, the same year her parents passed away. In the filing, Grant has been described as her long-time caretaker of her parents, having devoted her time around the clock to their well-being.

Janel Grant Worked At WWE From 2019-2022
Janel Grant Worked At WWE From 2019-2022 (Source: Twitter)

So, when her parents passed away, Janel had nobody else to lean into. She was left unemployed, and her parents’ home was lost in bankruptcy. If Janel did have a husband and kids, which is a major fact, this would’ve been mentioned in the filing.

The filing also mentions that her neighbors helped her find a job. One of her neighbors, the building’s Resident Manager, was the one who messaged Vince McMahon about Janet. 

Obviously, to preserve her sanity and not be harassed, Ms. Grant isn’t available on any social media platforms. 

Currently, Grant is communicating with the media through her lawyer, Ann Callis. After the lawsuit became public knowledge, Ann Callis released a statement on behalf of Grant. She stated Grant hopes any doors to secrecy have been blown off their hinges.

What Happened Between Vince McMahon And Janel Grant?

Janel Grant and Vince McMahon met for the first time on March 23, 2019, at the businessman’s condo. She arrived at his condo with additional printed copies of her resume, a black notepad, and “thank you” cookies. 

During their meeting, both talked briefly about their personal lives. Janel shared how she didn’t want to experience losing her home again, and McMahon shared stories about his childhood. 

The grooming began shortly after. McMahon called Grant unexpectedly to visit his condo for pointers for her meeting with the WWE Corporate Officer. He touched her leg, trying to show her where he had his knee surgery. 

Later, he gave her a tour of his condo and hugged her goodbye, whispering, “Feels so good.” In April, Janel was given a VIP experience at WrestleMania, including private transportation in a black SUV.

During several of their meetings, McMahon started touching her inappropriately. It was in May 2019 when McMahon coerced her to engage with him in sexual activities. Janel requested Vince that they end their physical relationship before she began working for WWE, but Vince refused to do so. 

In her filing, Janel stated that McMahon caused her physical injuries, including bleeding and pain, from the forceful use of sex toys. She has also stated that McMahon named the toys after his wrestlers. 

During her employment from 2019 to 2022, Vince McMahon presented her with gifts. The gifts list includes alternative Clinic medical care and medical & cosmetic services and products, clubhouse access tickets to the Belmont Stakes, a $2000 Nordstrom gift card, and other various stuff. 

Janel also received a 2022 BMW 430XI and $20,000 towards surgery. In her lawsuit, Janel has stated McMahon showed numerous WWE employees her sexually explicit photos and videos.

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