Jermaine Burton’s Parents: Mother Sheri And Father

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Jermaine Burton was born to his parents, mother Sheri and father, on June 28, 2001, in Calabasas, California.

His parents have always supported him in his football career, though we do not usually hear about them.

Here in this article, we will learn about Burton’s parents and his family members.

Jermaine Burton In Alabama Crimson Tide As Wide Receiver
Jermaine Burton In Alabama Crimson Tide As Wide Receiver ( Source: ESPN)

Born on June 28, 2001, Jermaine Burton is an excellent American football player who plays wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Burton attended Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California, and was a member of the varsity football team.

After graduating high school, he committed to play football at the University of Georgia and led the touchdown leaderboard as a sophomore.

Later, in 2022, he transferred to the University of Alabama to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide and is still from the same team.

Jermaine Burton’s Parents

While Jermaine Burton shines in the NCAA football scene, his parents remain quite low-key and have not disclosed much.

Jermaine Burton’s father is reportedly out of the picture and he was raised by a single mother, Sheri Burton. Unfortunately, Sheri’s personal details, regarding her early life and professional life are under the wraps.

As a single mother, Sheri Burton, along with being the mother, has been the fatherly figure in the college athlete’s life.

Moreover, she is one of the most incredible supporters and motivators in Jermaine’s life.

Sheri has shown a great example of motherhood, giving her all in order to provide for her kids. Besides being a doting mother, she is also a friend to her son.

Family Members And Siblings

Besides Sheri, the American prodigy has a sister, Sienna Borho, and a grandmother, Marilyn Burton, in the family.

The brother-sister duo have a great relationship between them. Sienna once said, “I can tell when he’s in the zone because he will call me every single day. He’ll tell me that he had a great practice or that he felt good.”

She added, “When Jermaine’s focused, he calls me and lets me know about every accomplishment that he makes. That’s how I know he’s back in that mode and ready to work.”

Similarly, she emphasized that Jermaine is not a stagnant person and always likes to prove himself. That is the reason why he wants to be in the uncomfortable position as it forces him to push harder and lets him grow.

Burton promised to his sister, “This is going to be y’all one day. One day I’ll be able to do this for you and mom.”

With a big dream and a positive attitude, he always works hard to forge himself into a better athlete.

Because of such a positive attitude, he always gets what he wishes for and Sienna and Marilyn are both exceptionally proud of him and are always backing him up.

Why Is He One Of The Most Controversial American Footballers?

Jermaine has gone through several significant controversies in his career. One of the major ones is hitting a Tennessee fan after a loss.

In 2022, after the Crimson Tide lost to the Volunteers, the Tennessee fans came to the field for the celebration.

Similarly, one of the fans recorded the incident when he struck a defenseless woman.

Jermaine Burton In A Game In 2022
Jermaine Burton In A Game In 2022 (Source: Sports Illustrated)

As the students stormed the field after the Volunteers win, Jermaine turned around and struck a woman who appeared to be no threat to him. This created a massive social media scene as the demand for his suspension increased.

Though there was no police report or any such complaint against him that was done.

Addressing the incident, the collegiate athlete broke his silence. After defeating Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl, Burton said, “That whole situation, it was a mistake. I can’t hold that against myself forever … But a mistake is a mistake.”

He added, “You move past it. I’m not going to let the situation frame me as a person or shape me as a person because I know who I am, and my team knows who I am.”

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