Is Joanne Lagona Trans? Rugby Player Gender And Sexuality Revealed

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Meet Joanne Lagona, right where the question circulates: ‘Is Joanne Lagona trans?’ Keeping it simple, let’s explore and unravel the curiosity surrounding her story.

In the face of the controversy surrounding Joanne Lagona and unfounded speculations about her identity, the focus on her exceptional talent in rugby shines through.

Her resilience on the field becomes evident, deflecting attention from the baseless discussions about being trans and emphasizing her prowess as a remarkable athlete.

Joanne Lagona Is Renowned As A Standout Fullback For The Papua New Guinea Orchids
Joanne Lagona Is Renowned As A Standout Fullback For The Papua New Guinea Orchids (Source: UN Women Asia And The Pacific)

Joanne Logana, born in 1994, is a rugby sensation from Papua New Guinea.

As a crucial Papua New Guinea Orchids member, she has earned recognition for her exceptional talent as a fullback.

Joanne’s impact isn’t limited to her home country; she’s taken her skills to the international stage, notably shining in the 2021 Women’s Rugby League World Cup.

Her success has also reached Japan, where she continues to impress.

However, her journey faced a twist when she was sacked from the national team for allegedly breaching her contract.

Joanne Lagona Gender And Sexuality Revealed: Is Rugby Player Trans?

The recent talk around Joanne Lagona’s gender identity has made some noise, but let’s cut through the speculation and focus on the facts.

Some online trolls, unfortunately, decided to spread false claims about her being born a man after seeing a video of her powerful play.

While there might be curiosity about her identity, it’s essential to note that there’s no mention of her being trans.

Joanne Lagona Scored PNG's Only Try Against Australia's Prime Minister's XIII Women's Side
Joanne Lagona Scored PNG’s Only Try Against Australia’s Prime Minister’s XIII Women’s Side (Source:

Let’s be clear: an individual’s identity is personal, and what truly matters is Joanne’s talent and dedication to the game.

The rugby community is rallying behind her, promoting inclusivity and respect for all players, regardless of gender or background.

While speculation surrounds her identity, it’s crucial to approach these topics sensitively, respecting an individual’s privacy.

Let’s focus on celebrating her achievements in the game and supporting her journey, recognizing that everyone deserves respect, both on and off the field.

Joanne Lagona: Battling Trolls And Dominating the Rugby Scene

The rugby world should be excited about Joanne Lagona’s incredible talent, but sadly, some online trolls are attempting to overshadow her achievements.

The 35-year-old Papua New Guinean star, representing her country in rugby league and rugby union, recently scored PNG’s only try against Australia’s Prime Minister’s XIII women’s side.

Yet, instead of celebrating her prowess, trolls seized on a video where Joanne made a powerful tackle, falsely claiming she was born a man.

The trolls, posting on the girlsrugbyleague TikTok account, alleged that Joanne played in men’s nine-a-side games, casting doubt on her gender.

This sparked a wave of hurtful and inaccurate comments, with some questioning her identity.

American journalist Joel Berry even stirred controversy, suggesting that women should refuse to play alongside trans athletes, raising safety concerns.

Joanne Lagona Targeted By Trolls With False Claims That She Was Born Man After Seeing Her Stunning Video Smashing Opponent
Joanne Lagona Targeted By Trolls With False Claims That She Was Born Man After Seeing Her Stunning Video Smashing Opponent (Source: Facebook)

However, many users were quick to counter these claims, clarifying that rugby has strict rules, and Joanne is a biological woman who plays for the PNG women’s team and even has a contract with a women’s team in Japan.

They emphasized her exceptional skills and denounced the misinformation.

Despite the trolls’ efforts, it’s essential to focus on Joanne Lagona’s achievements and resilience.

Her outstanding performance on the field speaks volumes, and the rugby community stands in support, rejecting discrimination and promoting inclusion.

The International Rugby League has emphasized the need for fair treatment and respect for individual participation rights, regardless of gender identity.

The NRL has a clear policy against discrimination, reinforcing the commitment to a game that welcomes everyone.

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  1. This identity is personal BS is beyond a joke. If Lagona is a woman, put all the critics at ease by providing a birth certificate. If lagona is a man, there is no way that Lagona should be playing against women. Not only would it not be fair, it is alswo extremely dangerous in a contact sport to pit a man against women. The very fact that there is all this secrecy around it convinces me without a shadow of a doubt that this is another loser, pathetic man who could never cut it in the men’s sport so now is pretending to be a woman. So let the person prove us wrong – show a birth certificate. And no, in a contact sport, or any sport, you don’t get the privilege of hiding your gender. A man competing against women is a cheat.

  2. Why does everyone on one side of the argument (i.e. the left) call everyone on the other side a troll? Especially when they are the ones hurling around insults.
    Do they actually have any proof themselves?
    And why is it being transphobic to say a man shouldn’t play with women? They’re not saying they hate trans people or men, just that they shouldn’t play with women. Not everyone with a different opinion to you is a troll or the ‘worst of humanity’.


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