Joe Durant Wife Tracey Durant: Married Life And Kids

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A skilled golfer, Joe Durant has achieved an impressive record of 9 professional wins throughout his career. He attributes his success to his wife, with whom he shares two children.

Joe Durant, an American professional golfer, has been happily married to his wife, Tracey Tolomeo Durant, for over 35 years.

Joe started playing on the Champions Tour after turning 50. He credits his wife as his most significant source of support.

During his victory in 2021, Joe expressed that Tracey is his number-one cheerleader. She is always there to lift his spirits when he’s feeling down.

Professional Golf Player Joe Durant
Professional Golf Player Joe Durant (Source: Golf Digest)

Tracey, Joe’s wife, is a committed professional who works at Pilates Core Training and Anytime Fitness, conveniently located in downtown Pensacola.

With her strong passion for fitness and well-being, Tracey helps clients reach their health goals by providing individualized training and guidance.

In 1988, the couple tied the knot and became proud parents to two children. Their eldest daughter is named Conner, and their youngest son goes by the name Hayes.

Joe Durant Wife

Tracey, Joe Durant’s wife, is a hardworking individual with two jobs at Pilates Core Training and Anytime Fitness in downtown Pensacola, Florida.

She loves helping people stay fit and healthy through Pilates and personal training.

Tracey studied at the University of West Florida from 2014 to 2016 and lives in Pensacola. She’s proud to call Pensacola her hometown and enjoys being part of the community.

Joe Durant Wife Tracey
Joe Durant’s Wife Tracey (Source: Facebook)

In contrast to her husband, Tracey is very active on social media, especially on Facebook.

She enjoys sharing updates about her daily activities with her friends and proudly showcases her children on her account.

During numerous interviews and victories, Joe consistently attributes his success to Tracey.

Together, they have weathered challenging times, working multiple part-time jobs, and celebrated triumphs, particularly in golf.

Joe acknowledges his wife as the constant support behind his accomplishments, acknowledging their togetherness through ups and downs.

Married Life And Kids

The couple has two children named Conner and Hayes. Conner is the older daughter currently living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

She attended J. M. Tate High School and studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of West Florida.

As per her Facebook profile, Conner married her longtime girlfriend, Gina Bertelli, in May 2023. The couple has two dogs and a cat together.

Joe Durant's Children
Joe Durant’s Children (Source: Facebook)

Professionally, Conner used to work at SEPHORA as a Color Specialist. She also has extensive experience in the grocery industry, having worked at Publix.

On the other hand, the son of Joe Durant, Hayes, is a talented athlete who excels in both baseball and golf.

Hayes attended Pensacola Catholic High School, where he gained recognition as an excellent catcher.

Hayes is known for his skills as a left-handed hitter, with a tall open stance and a low-hand start. He has quick hands and can hit the ball with power and accuracy.

After graduating high school, Hayes pursued his passion at the University of West Florida.

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