Is Jorge Masvidal Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

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Jorge Masvidal hair has been a topic of discussion among MMA fans for some time. Many have wondered if his hair is real or if he wears extensions or a wig.

Jorge Masvidal is a retired professional mixed martial artist from the United States who competed in the welterweight and lightweight divisions.

He has had an extensive career spanning two decades, from 2003 to 2023. 

One of Masvidal’s most notable accomplishments is holding the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.

He achieved this feat by knocking out his opponent Ben Askren in just five seconds with a flying knee on July 6, 2019.

Jorge Masvidal During His Bout
Jorge Masvidal During His Bout (Source:

He is also the winner of the symbolic UFC “BMF” Championship belt. He earned the iconic title after defeating Nate Diaz in a highly anticipated bout in 2019.

Jorge is widely regarded as one of the top fighters in the welterweight division. He has fiercely faced some of the toughest opponents in the sport.

Despite his retirement in 2023, his legacy as a skilled and entertaining fighter will surely be remembered in the MMA community for years to come.

Is Jorge Masvidal Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

Masvidal has always been known for his unique sense of style, and his haircuts have often been a topic of discussion among fans and media.

Jorge Masvidal‘s hairstyle is currently a lob or a long bob, which falls just past his shoulders.

Masvidal has also been known to rock a braided hairstyle on occasion, especially on fight nights. The braids not only add a stylish touch to his look but also help keep his hair out of his face during fights.

In addition to his current lob hairstyle, Jorge Masvidal has worn various other haircuts in the past.

Jorge Masvidal In His Braided Hair Look
Jorge Masvidal In His Braided Hair Look (Source:

These include a short quiff and buzzcut, a buzzcut fade, and a layered haircut.

The short quiff and buzzcut is a versatile, trendy look that complements his short hair. At the same time, the buzzcut fade creates a contrast between the long hair on top and the faded portions.

Masvidal’s layered haircut adds extra bounce and thickness to his naturally curly hair, creating an appealing look.

He has also experimented with different styles in the past, such as asymmetrical and blunt cuts.

Observing his hairstyles shows that Masvidal is not afraid to experiment with different styles. He often sets trends in the mixed martial arts community with his haircuts.

Jorge Masvidal Tattoo

The badass UFC fighter is not just a man with exceptional fighting skills but also an ink enthusiast.

He has adorned his skin with three captivating tattoos that speak volumes about his life and love.

His first tattoo, inked on the side of his throat, proudly displays his nickname, “Gamebred.”

It’s a bold statement, emphasizing the unyielding spirit, making him the formidable opponent he is today.

The second tattoo on his right forearm, dubbed “AVA,” is a beautiful tribute to his daughter. It features an imprint of red lipstick, symbolizing his daughter’s affection for him.

Jorge Masvidal Tattoo (Source:

His other tattoo had the world talking and garnered considerable attention.

The tattoo on his left shoulder depicts a man attempting a flying knee, the exact technique he used to make the quickest UFC knockout at UFC 239.

His left shoulder tattoo resembles his iconic flying knee, surrounded by a fierce octagon shape that symbolizes his dominance in the UFC arena.

Jorge Masvidal’s tattoos are not just artwork on his skin but a glimpse into his life, passion, and victories.

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