Joseph Schooling Parents: Meet May Yim and Colin Schooling & Ethnicity

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A Singaporean professional swimmer who specializes in butterfly, freestyle, and medley events, Joseph Schooling, was born on 16 June 1995 to his parents, May Yim and Colin Schooling.

The gold medalist in the 100m butterfly at the 2016 Olympics, Schooling has Eurasian ancestry through his father.

Eclipsing records across global swimming domains, his triumphant time of 50.39s carved a path through the annals of sporting achievement.

Hailing from the Anglo-Chinese School, his journey unfurled further as he ventured into the University of Texas at Austin, where he thrived as a pivotal member of the renowned Texas Longhorns swimming team.

Joseph With His Mother May
Joseph With His Mother May (Source: Instagram)

Under the tutelage of the Eddie Reese, a two-time United States Olympic men’s head coach, he honed his skills, solidifying his stature among the sport’s elite.

A defining milestone arrived in 2012, his Olympic debut a culmination of dedication.

The journey was set in motion with his victory in the 200m butterfly at the 2011 SEA Games, a stepping stone that propelled him onto the global stage. 

Joseph Schooling Parents: Meet May and Colin Schooling & Ethnicity

Joseph Schooling’s roots run deep within Singapore’s vibrant fabric as a proud fourth-generation Singaporean.

Born and raised in the city-state, Joseph embodies a rich heritage. His parents, May and Colin Schooling, are the pillars of his family.

Colin, hailing from Singapore and an alumnus of Raffles Institution, carried forward a legacy of athleticism as a hurdler and water polo player who also represented the nation in softball.

Joseph’s mother, May, brought her own sporting prowess from Perak and embraced Singapore as her permanent home.

A former tennis professional, her journey intertwined with Colin’s to create a dynamic foundation for their family.

Joseph Schooling Parents
Colin May Schooling (Source: Instagram)

A familial connection with Singapore’s sports history is evident in Schooling’s great-uncle, Lloyd Valberg.

Valberg etched his name as Singapore’s first Olympian in the 1948 Summer Olympics, leaving an indelible mark.

It was Valberg’s legacy that ignited the Olympic flame within Schooling, inspiring his own path toward the grand stage.

Further enriching his lineage is his great-grandfather, a British military officer who found love in Singapore, marrying a Portuguese-Eurasian.

Their union, a fusion of cultures, underscores Schooling’s diverse heritage, reflecting the multicultural tapestry of Singapore itself.

In every stroke and every achievement, Joseph Schooling carries not just his personal aspirations but the rich legacy of his family and the nation’s sporting journey.

Mother May Yim Schooling

Joseph Schooling mother, May Yim Schooling, was born on January 19.

Hailing from Ipoh, Malaysia, May’s high school years were a tapestry of diverse sports – netball, tennis, athletics, and even excelling at state and national levels in softball.

Fate intertwined her journey with that of her future husband as softball tournaments introduced her to him – she represented Perak while he donned the Pirates jersey for Singapore.

Educational aspirations veered towards becoming an educator, yet health concerns prompted a detour.

Joseph Schooling Parents
May Schooling (Source: Instagram)

Overcoming obstacles, she delved into accounting due to a bout of hand eczema that prevented her from teaching. Fueled by her determination, she embarked on the ACCA Qualification journey.

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in 1979, Schooling’s audacious move was followed by rigorous audit training at Goh, Tan & Co.

This chapter of her life coincided with her passion for softball, an arena where her path would once again cross with Colin Schoolings. A few years down the road, their shared journey culminated in marriage.

Joseph Schooling parents, Colin and May, got married on August 8, 1983.

Joseph Schooling Parents | Mother May Yim Schooling Career

Beyond her role as the mother of Singapore’s historic Olympic gold medallist, Schooling’s pursuits extend to her role as director of M’exim Singapore, a position she shared with her husband until his death.

Established in 1990, the import and export company echoes her entrepreneurial spirit.

Additionally, Schooling’s entrepreneurial prowess shines through as the founder of two other ventures.

In 1994, she established Pen International, a book distribution venture whose addition, “Hello, My Name is Joseph Schooling,” stands as a testament to her creative vision.

Complementing this, she also founded Segomo, an expansive network encompassing asset investments, shipping services, and storage solutions.

From 2007, when Joseph, aged 14 began training in earnest, the family split their time between Singapore and the US. 

In the whirlwind of traversing continents, Schooling’s early days often began with momentary disorientation, forgetting her location.

Amidst this globe-trotting lifestyle, backing her son’s swimming journey, it’s remarkable that the family consistently carves out cherished moments together.

From honoring ancestral birthdays to festive gatherings like Christmas and Chinese New Year, their commitment to togetherness remains unwavering.

However, this cohesiveness wasn’t built in isolation. It required a foundation of trust, focus, unrelenting determination, and a profound drive to propel her son toward Olympic glory.

All the while, Schooling deftly managed her businesses back home in Asia. Her financial astuteness played a pivotal role in managing dual-country living expenses and sustaining Joseph’s rigorous training regimen.

Recalling the challenge of being an entrepreneur while maintaining homes on separate continents, Schooling’s journey underscores the intricate balance she deftly navigated to nurture her son’s aspirations while steering her ventures toward success.

Colin Schooling, Father’s Demise

Colin Schooling, a pivotal figure in the life of Joseph, passed away on November 18, 2021, at the age of 73.

Amidst his battle against cancer in the preceding months, Colin’s path bore testament to his determination and steadfast support.

Colin’s commitment to the local swimming landscape earned him praise from the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA), which acknowledged his role as a steadfast advocate.

Collaborating with his wife, May, he played an instrumental part in nurturing Joseph’s ascent to swimming glory, reaching its zenith with the historic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Joseph Schooling Parents
Colin Schooling During His Cancer Battle 9Source: Instagram)

Remembering Colin as a tenacious fighter, May eloquently shared her profound loss on Facebook, highlighting his roles as a devoted father, a supportive brother, an affable uncle, a steadfast friend, and her cherished husband.

Echoing the sentiment, Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Edwin Tong hailed Colin as a believer in the transformative power of sport.

Colin’s legacy resonates not only within his family but also across the nation, embodying the enduring spirit of dedication and the belief in the impact of sports.

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