Jurgen Klinsmann Wife Debbie, Son Jonathan And Daughter Laila

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Jurgen Klinsmann wife, Debbie Klinsmann, is a former model, having previously graced the covers of several magazines. Born to Chinese parents, Debbie grew up in California and remained in California even after her wedding. 

Maybe Debbie was lucky that she married a man who was infatuated with the United States of America. Jurgen Klinsmann first traveled to the U.S. in 1983 and later became the head coach of the U.S. Men’s Team.

Klinsmann Pictured Giving His Players Instruction During The Asian Cup Tournament
Klinsmann Pictured Giving His Players Instruction During The Asian Cup Tournament (Source: Instagram)

After each European season, Klinsmann would visit California before moving permanently to the U.S. a few after his wedding with Debbie. The former model has kept herself out of the limelight and isn’t even active on social media.

After his time with the U.S. Men’s team was over in 2016, Jurgen coached Hertha Berlin. Last year, he accepted the head coach position for South Korea, and it looks like he might be on his way out already after South Korea’s shameful loss against Jordan in the Asian Cup. 

Meet Jurgen Klinsmann Wife, Debbie Chin

Jurgen Klinsmann wife, Debbie Chin, is a former American Chinese model. Debbie’s parents, Constance and Christopher Chin, hail from China and moved to the US.

Debbie was raised in Orange County and lived in the US with her soccer coach husband after their wedding. Jurgen and Debbie crossed paths for the first time when Jurgen was a soccer player for Inter Milan. 

At the time, Debbie was modeling for various brands and was part of the Elite Model Agency. She began modeling at age 17 and won the 1987 Look of the Year Contest at 18. 

A few before Debbie, one of the greatest supermodels of all time, Cindy Crawford, won the same competition. Jurgen and Debbie tied the knot in 1995 in Milan. 

Debbie Pictured On A Magazine Cover In 1990 At Age 21
Debbie Pictured On A Magazine Cover In 1990 At Age 21 (Source: Twitter)

But after her wedding with the soccer manager, Debbie disappeared from the modeling world. Though it is a common experience shared by many women worldwide, many models have continued their careers even after marriage and having children.

But Debbie’s story didn’t take the same path. She hasn’t appeared in front of the public eye for years. She does have a Facebook account but has made it inaccessible to the public. 

Despite their cultural differences, Jurgen and Debbie have made their marriage work. Jurgen grew up in the small town of Gingen an der Fils, Germany. 

Klinsmann moved to the U.S. permanently after the 1998 World Cup. In the World Cup, Jurgen scored a memorable goal to kill off the U.S. and moved to California with Debbie to raise their kids.

Jurgen Klinsmann Kids: Son Is A Soccer Player 

Jurgen Klinsmann shares two kids with his wife, Debbie, whom they raised in California. Both kids of the soccer manager are athletes pursuing different sports. 

Jurgen’s son, Jonathan Klinsmann, is a soccer player for the Italian Serie C Group B club Cesena. The 26-year-old is a goalkeeper and during his teenage years, did a lot of back and forth between Munich and California. 

Jonathan has German and American citizenship but has represented Team USA at the international level. He started for the U-20 U.S. team when it won the CONCACAF Championship in 2017. 

Jonathan And Laila Both Took Athletic Career Paths
Jonathan And Laila Both Took Athletic Career Paths (Source: Instagram)

Jonathan began his professional career with Hertha BSC II in 2017 and later joined the Swiss club St. Gallen. Jonathan joined the MLB club, L.A. Galaxy, in 2020 and also played for their reserve side.

But he changed clubs recently and even posted a thank you message for the MLS side on his Instagram handle. 

Jurgen’s youngest child is his daughter, Laila Klinsmann, a talented equestrian during high school and now an equestrian photographer.

Laila has a separate Instagram handle for her photography and videography and works for Meraki Creative Group.

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