Justin Tafa Brother Junior Tafa: Age Gap And Family Tree

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Justin Tafa’s brother, Junior Tafa, is three years younger than him and began his UFC journey earlier this year. Junior and Justin come from a family of fighters.  

One of few UFC fighters representing Samoan heritage, Justin and Junior have come a long way since their early days in Australia. The two UFC fighters are trained by their older brother, Gerard Tafa.

Justin Tafa Pictured With His Two Brothers, Junior Tafa (L), And Gerard Tafa (R)
Justin Tafa Pictured With His Two Brothers, Junior Tafa (L), And Gerard Tafa (R) (Source: Instagram)

Last month, in August, Junior won his first UFC match, and last night, Justin knocked out Austen Lane in the first round. It was a highly awaited contest as their first fight had ended only 29 seconds in June after an eye poke.

Justin was on the receiving end of it. So, beating Austen would have been satisfying for the 29-year-old UFC fighter. 

Justin Tafa Brother, Junior Tafa Fights In UFC

Justin Tafa’s brother, Junior Tafa, has followed in his older brothers’ footsteps. Junior Tafa might have begun his UFC career with a loss, but four months he followed it with a win against Parker Porter.

Junior Tafa is one of three brothers of the UFC fighter Justin Tafa. His other two brothers, Gerard Tafa and Lorman Tafa, are also professional fighters. Junior and Justin share an age gap of three years, and Lorman is the youngest brother born in 1999.

Junior Tafa began his journey as a kickboxer in 2017 with Glory kickboxing. He switched to boxing in 2020 during the pandemic. In an interview with Code Sports, Junior said he had lost 25kgs since changing his diet and waiting for a call from UFC. 

Junior Tafa Pictured Kicking Mohammed Usman During A UFC Fight In April 2023
Junior Tafa Pictured Kicking Mohammed Usman During A UFC Fight In April 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Since turning into a professional boxer and fighting his first match in 2022, Justin holds the record of five wins and one loss. His first professional match came against Taisei Sekino in BP 1-Beatdown Promotions 1, winning it by TKO in the first round.

His only loss in his professional career came against Mohammed Usman earlier this year in April in the third round via unanimous decision. The four brothers share a close bond and are seen attending each others’ fights.

Justin was present to watch his little brother knock out Parker Porter at UFC Singapore and even shared a photo of his victory, captioning the post, “Tafa Gang.”

Junior and Justin’s first fight was against when they were seven and ten. The two brothers beat the kid as he said something ill about their mom. Since then, the two brothers haven’t stopped fighting and are living their dreams of becoming UFC fighters together. 

Justin Tafa Family Come From Samoan Descent

Justin Tafa and his brother Junior Tafa are the two UFC fighters representing Samoan heritage alongside other UFC stars Mark Hunt, Tai Tuivasa, and Tyson Pedro.

The two brothers are trained by their older brother, Gerard Tafa, in Queensland, Australia. Their grandfather was a former national boxing champion, and their uncles were world kickboxing champions. 

So, fighting has always been in their blood. Justin and Junior haven’t given much details about their parents as they probably prefer life away from the public limelight.

Justin Tafa Pictured With His Two Sons, In February After Beating Parker Porter
Justin Tafa Pictured With His Two Sons In February After Beating Parker Porter (Source: Instagram)

But in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Justin talked about his early days. He was raised alongside his brothers by a single mother in state housing.

The UFC fighter said he and his family had the short end of the stick all their lives. But they never used it as an excuse but as a fuel. 

Justin has two sons but hasn’t revealed the identity of his partner. It is also not known whether the UFC fighter has tied the knot. In February, Justin shared a photo with his baby boys after beating Parker Porter in the UFC 284 showdown. 

After the fight, Justin said he was even more satisfied that his two sons were present to see him compete. 

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