Kara Eaker Ethnicity: Parents, Religion & More

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Kara Eaker Ethnicity: Former artistic gymnast Kara Eaker has a different family background, unlike most people. Despite being born to Asian parents in China, her new family later adopted and brought her up in the United States.

The Missouri residents, Katherine and Mark Eaker, took her in when she was just around a year old. She has been living with them since then and considers herself an American.

Not only did Mark and Katherine raise her to be a wonderful human being, but they also assisted her in being a successful athlete. They have often appeared in interviews, praising Kara’s performances while representing her college and nation in competitions.

Retired American Artistic Gymnast Kara Eaker
Retired American Artistic Gymnast Kara Eaker (Source: NBC News)

Kara Eaker is a retired American artistic gymnast who represented the United States in numerous international competitions from 2017 to 2013.

Currently a sophomore student at the University of Utah, she is already a recipient of several accolades and honors, including two World Championships gold medals and two United States national silver medals.

Despite her consistent performances both internationally and at collegiate levels, Eaker announced her retirement in October 2023 at the young age of 20.

While she later clarified the reasons behind her decision to leave the sports completely, it has raised several questions regarding players’ safety and health within school’s athletic programs in the United States.

Kara Eaker Ethnicity: Parents, Religion, And More

Kara Eaker was born to Chinese parents on November 7, 2002, in Jiangxi, China.

Although her biological parents were Asian, she was later adopted by American parents Mark and Katherine Eaker.

Both Mark and Katherine are White Americans. So, speaking of Kara, she is of Asian descent by birth but identifies more with her adoptive parents, who raised her as one of their kids.

Kara Eaker With Her Dad Mark
Kara Eaker With Her Dad, Mark (Source: Instagram)

Kara’s dad, Mark, was formerly serving in the U.S. Navy, but there is no information about his current job. Besides her, the Eaker couple has three kids- Katrina, Sara, and Aron. 

Speaking of her religion, she was raised in a Christian household and is a devout Christian. However, she has never expressed her opinion regarding her religious beliefs or anything personal to her in public.

More On Kara Eaker’s Early Retirement From The Sport

The emerging young athlete, Kara Eaker, announced her retirement from the University of Utah’s gymnastics team and gymnastics as a whole on October 20, 2023.

The news definitely came as a shock to everyone in the athletic community as she is just in her early twenties and has so much to achieve in her career ahead.

Kara Eaker
Kara Eaker (Source: KRCG)

However, a day later, she posted a seven-page-long open letter on her social media handle clarifying why she quit early. She admitted that although she had joined Utah Athletics, thinking it would enrich her career, she did not get a good environment there.

Not only did she endure verbal and emotional abuse from the management, but they discouraged her time and again during which she represented their program.

As a result, she revealed that she had been dealing with mental health issues for the past one and a half years. She is still consulting with her psychologist as she suffers from severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Furthermore, Kara has also withdrawn as a student at the University. Aside from her sports career, she was pursuing a degree in design studies, planning to do a major in Architecture.

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