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Kelly Olynyk doesn’t have a brother but is one to Jesse and Maya. The Utah Jazz’s forward, Olynyk, grew up in a basketball family, with his parents being former players. 

The 33 years old wasn’t the only athletic child in the family growing up. His two sisters, Jesse and Maya, are former athletes as well.

Kelly Pictured With His Sisters, Jesse(R), And Maya(L) In A Photo Shared In 2016
Kelly Pictured With His Sisters, Jesse(R), And Maya(L), In A Photo Shared In 2016 (Source: Instagram)

If Jesse excelled in rugby and wrestling, then Maya followed in her parents and her older brother’s footsteps to become a basketball player.

But both the girls decided against becoming basketball players.

In his ten seasons in the NBA, Kelly has played for five franchises, including Celtics, Heat, Pistons, and Rockets.

The 2022 season certainly showed Olynyk has more left in him to compete at the highest level.

But the latest trade rumors have indicated Olynyk rejoin his former team, Houston Rockets.

So, next season we might probably see the veteran at Houston play alongside Kevin Porter Jr and Jalen Green, who might also see the return of James Harden

Kelly Olynyk Brother: Does He Have Any Sister?

Kelly Olynyk doesn’t have a brother but has two sisters. The Utah Jazz player grew up in Ontario, Canada, with two younger sisters: Jesse and Maya.

Olynyk and his two sisters shared similar interests until college.

Jesse and Maya are former collegiate athletes, but unlike their brother, they didn’t go professional. 

Jesse Olynyk Is A Staff Lawyer 

The older sister among the two, Jesse Olynyk, graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in psychology.

During her time at Victoria, Jesse was also part of the rugby and wrestling teams.

After graduating from Victoria, Jesse wroked as a sports information director at UNBC and later at Morelli Chertkow as an associate. 

Jesse Pictured With Her Husband Derek Pue, And Their Son In 2021
Jesse Pictured With Her Husband, Derek Pue, And Their Son In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

She completed her Juris Doctor degree at Thompson Rivers University in 2018 before joining Chertkow.

Jesse has been serving as a staff lawyer for Legal Services Society, since 2020, in Kamploos, British Columbia.

After four years of relationship, Jesse tied the knot with her longtime partner, Derek Pue, in 2016.

The couple also has a kid, a baby boy. Jesse is available on Facebook but rarely shares details about her life.

Maya Olynyk Is A Former Collegiate Basketball Player 

Maya Olynyk came out of her brother’s shadow to make a name for herself at the University of Saskatchewan. 

With the Huskies, Maya won the 2016 Candian Interuniversity Sport’s women’s basketball championship and the Bronze Baby trophy. 

Maya Olynyk Is A Former Basketball Player And The Youngest Sibling Of The Olynyk Family
Maya Olynyk Is A Former Basketball Player And The Youngest Sibling Of The Olynyk Family (Source: LinkedIn)

She graduated with a degree in marketing in 2018 and has previously worked in office management at Thompson Rivers University.

Maya worked as a lead sales associate at the luxury brand Michael Kors and later at City & Love Apparel as a merchandising and marketing manager.

She rejoined Michael Kors in 2019 to work as a sales supervisor, but it was only for a year. 

Maya then decided to enroll at McGill University to earn a diploma in accounting, which she completed in 2022. Unlike her family, Maya isn’t active on social media. 

Kelly Olynyk Parents: Ken & Arlene Olynk

Kelly Olynyk’s parents, Ken and Arlene Olynyk, are former basketball players.

Ken Olynyk, one of the most beloved basketball coaches, began his coaching journey in 1975 and has guided more than 40 teams.

But before becoming a coach, Kelly was a basketball player at Simon Fraser and Laurentian University. 

He previously coached the University of Toronto’s Varsity Blue for 14 seasons and later the Canadian Junior National Team.

In 2002, Ken had a stint with the NBA side, Toronto Raptors as an observing coach.

On Left: Kelly Olynyk With His Mom, Arlene Olynyk And Wife Jackie, And On Right: Kelly With His Dad, Ken Olynyk
On Left: Kelly Olynyk With His Mom, Arlene Olynyk, And Wife Jackie, And On Right: Kelly With His Dad, Ken Olynyk (Source: Instagram)

Until 2018, Ken served as a Director of Athletics and Recreation at Thompson Rivers University and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2023.

Arlene Olynyk, the mother to three kids, played basketball at the University of Lethbridge and later worked as a referee at the U Sports level before working for Toronto Raptors. She is also the former program manager at the University of Toronto.

After leaving the University of Toronto, Arlene joined her husband at Thompson Rivers University in 2008 as a alumni relations supervisor and later became the manager.

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