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Kemba Smith is a social justice activist known for her advocacy for reform of mandatory sentencing laws.

Her conviction stemmed from a romantic relationship with a drug trafficker.

Criminal Justice Expert And Motivational Speaker Kemba Smith
Criminal Justice Expert And Motivational Speaker Kemba Smith (Source: Linkedin)

Kemba Smith became a passionate advocate for social justice, mainly focusing on reforming mandatory sentencing laws.

Her involvement in a romantic relationship with a drug trafficker led to her conviction despite federal prosecutors admitting they lacked evidence of her participation in cocaine use or sales.

Despite this, she received a harsh sentence of over twenty-four years in prison for charges related to drug trafficking proceeds and lying to federal authorities.

Similarly, her sentence was based on mandatory sentencing guidelines.

However, her plight gained national attention, leading to President Bill Clinton granting her amnesty in 2000.

Renowned Advocate Kemba Smith Age and Life

Kemba Smith, now 53, was born in 1971 and raised in suburban Richmond, Virginia, as the only child of an accountant and a schoolteacher, enjoying a relatively sheltered upbringing.

Kemba Smith's Giving An Interview During Her Time In Prison
Kemba Smith’s Giving An Interview During Her Time In Prison (Source: Kemba Smith)

Attending predominantly white schools, she participated in various activities such as Girl Scouts, ballet, gymnastics, piano lessons, and even a debutante event organized by her mother’s sorority.

After graduating from Hermitage High School, she enrolled at Hampton University in 1989.

During her sophomore year at Hampton University, Kemba entered a relationship with Peter Hall, an immigrant from Jamaica who was significantly older and appeared financially stable.

However, their relationship quickly turned abusive and controlling, with Hall being involved in criminal activities.

When Hall was arrested in September 1991 for drug charges and possessing false identification, Kemba became aware of the extent of his criminal behavior.

Today, Kemba is a renowned public speaker, advocate, consultant, and author of “Poster Child.”

She has appeared on various media platforms and collaborated with senior officials at the White House, the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and Members of Congress.

Additionally, Kemba has conducted training sessions for federal and state probation organizations nationwide.

Kemba Smith Parents

Kemba Smith’s parents, William “Gus” Smith and Odessa Smith, played pivotal roles in their daughter’s journey from incarceration to freedom.

As an accountant and a teacher, they provided Kemba with a stable and nurturing upbringing in suburban Richmond, Virginia.

Despite facing unimaginable challenges, including their daughter’s unjust imprisonment, Kemba has hailed them as “heroes” for their unwavering love and support throughout her ordeal.

The Smith family and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund initiated a relentless campaign for Kemba’s appeal and eventual clemency.

This grassroots movement enlisted the support of Black civic organizations, sororities, influential celebrities, and lawmakers who rallied behind Kemba’s cause.

Their collective efforts shed light on the injustices of mandatory sentencing laws and garnered widespread attention, ultimately leading to Kemba’s release from prison.

A Story of Injustice and Redemption

“Kemba” follows Kemba Smith’s real-life journey as she unwittingly becomes involved with a drug kingpin and faces a 24-year prison sentence at just 23.

Kemba Movie Director Kelley Kali
Kemba Movie Director Kelley Kali (Source: Los Angeles Sentinel)

Despite being a first-time offender with no criminal history, Kemba’s story caught national attention, leading to a decade-long fight for justice that ended with President Bill Clinton’s pardon.

The film, directed by Kelley Kali, emphasizes the need for criminal justice reform and individualized sentencing.

Kemba hopes the film sparks empathy and highlights the impact of unjust sentencing while shedding light on others like Michelle West, who deserve pardon.

As an executive producer, Kemba ensures the film advocates for change, urging viewers to contact congressional representatives and push for reform.

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