Does Kenny Smith Have Sister? Parents And Family

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Kenny Smith’s sister: From the impoverished streets of Brooklyn to the heights of basketball fame, Kenny Smith’s journey is a tribute to his brilliance and the impact of his family and siblings throughout his life. 

Although many people recognize and appreciate Kenny Smith’s professional achievements, his personal life gives his story a greater depth.

Smith’s childhood in Queens, his early years under Coach Curran, and his connected family background all contribute to the ideals that molded his personality.

Former NBA Pro Kenny Smith
Former NBA Pro Kenny Smith (Source: Instagram)

Kenny Smith is an American sports commentator and former National Basketball Association (NBA) professional basketball player.

He played in the NBA from 1987 to 1997, playing for the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, and Orlando Magic.

Currently, he provides commentary for Turner and CBS throughout the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament.

Does Kenny Smith Have a Sister?

Growing up in a family where morals and encouragement were highly valued, his parents, Kenny Smith Sr. and Annie Mae Smith, were the cornerstones of his early aspirations and goals.

As per the reports, Kenny Smith does not have a sister. Smith often keeps information about their siblings private.

However, his familial bonds are notably strengthened by his relationship with his elder brother, Vincent Smith.

Kenny Smith And His Brother Vincent Smith
Kenny Smith And His Brother Vincent Smith (Source: Twitter)

Throughout Kenny’s remarkable career, Vincent, a former basketball player, was a mentor.

Despite a knee injury that ended Vincent’s aspirations of playing in the NBA, he made a significant impact as a mentor and coach, going beyond their familial relationship.

He coached several high school, college, and professional athletes. Under Vincent’s direction, well-known figures such as Kenny Smith, Kenny Anderson, Lamar Odom, and others flourished.

Their shared love of basketball strengthened the brothers’ closeness, transcending their familial bonds to form a relationship based on respect and shared experiences on and off the court.

Family Tree: Marriage, Children, and the Ever-Growing Branches

Kenny Smith’s personal life shows the challenges and pleasures of children and marriage. During his two marriages, he learned much about family life.

Two children were born from his first marriage to Dawn Reavis: a girl called Kayla and a boy named K.J.

The fatherhood role has been a constant in Kenny’s life despite the difficulties that ultimately led to the separation of this marriage.

Former NBA star Kenny Smith and his wife, Gwendolyn Osborne
Former NBA Star Kenny Smith And His Wife, Gwendolyn Osborne (Source: Instagram)

Kenny started a new beginning in 2006 with former model and actress Gwendolyn Osborne.

Two additional family members were born into their union: a son, Malloy, and a girl, London.

Kenny Smith’s family history adds depth to his image as a man recognized for his contributions to the sports world. 

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