Kyle Filipowski Parents And Ethnicity: Brother And Family

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Kyle Filipowski parents, Rebecca and David Filipowski, raised four boys in New York. The Duke player comes from a family filled with athletes, including his uncle and aunt. 

The 7-foot-tall center of Duke, Kyle Filipowski, was nurtured to become a top athlete from a young age. His mother showed him and his twin brother, Matt, tough love when it came to basketball.

Kyle Filipowski Hits The "Too Small" Celebration Against The Baylor Bears
Kyle Filipowski Hits The “Too Small” Celebration Against The Baylor Bears (Source: Instagram)

A standout athlete, Rebecca certainly knows more than one or two things about basketball. The twins’ father, David, was also a collegiate athlete and is the lenient parent among the two. 

Since Kyle joined Duke in 2022, he has been one of their top players. He has already received numerous accolades and was honored with the ACC Preseason Player of the Year title in 2023. 

Kyle Filipowski Parents: Meet Rebecca And David Filipowski

Kyle Filipowski’s parents, Rebecca and David Filipowski know what it takes to be an elite athlete. Rebecca and David have experienced an athlete’s life and now are pushing their kids to be the best version of themselves. 

Kyle’s mother, Rebecca Filipowski, was a standout athlete for her high school, Warwick, and led them to the 1982 Class B state title. Standing at 6’4, playing as a forward, Rebecca scored 2,164 career points at Warwick before joining California State University, Long Beach in 1982.

The team made a run to the Elite 8, and Kyle has nothing but praise for his mother’s basketball career. In an interview with On3, Kyle said, “My mom, Rebecca Hagerdon, has achieved a lot in her basketball career.”

Rebecca And David Celebrate Their Sons, Kyle And Matt Committing To Duke And Harvard
Rebecca And David Celebrate Their Sons, Kyle, And Matt, Committing To Duke And Harvard (Source: Instagram)

He further said, “She was a Parade All-American and put a ton of accolades on the wall with points and rebounds.” A devastating knee injury brought down the curtains to Rebecca’s high-flying basketball career.

But her love for basketball never died. She might have been no longer able to play basketball, but she chose to coach others. She felt it was one of the ways to give back to the sport that brought her so much success. 

In 1998, she began coaching Physical Education at Washigntonville School District and remained in the same position until 2003. From 2013 to 2021, she became a long-term substitute teacher at multiple school districts while working as a Transport Volunteer for the American Cancer Society. 

Kyle Filipowski Dad, David Filipowski, Played Basketball And Football

Kyle Filipowski’s dad, David (also known as Dave) Filipowski, played collegiate-level basketball and football at Slippery Rock. His playing career at Slippery Rock began in 1979 and ended in 1981.

David met his wife Rebecca while they were at Warwick Valley High School. Soon, their budding romance turned into a lifelong commitment.

Kyle describes his father as the more easy-going one among his parents. David was always there to listen to his boys and taught them to be respectful young men. 

David Filipowski (Second From Left) Seen At Slippery Rock Homecoming Event Earlier This Year In October
David Filipowski (Second From Left) Seen At The Slippery Rock Homecoming Event Earlier This Year In October (Source: Facebook)

On the other hand, their mother was incredibly tough on the refs when her boys were playing. Kyle and his brother quickly learned to take positive criticism and take what their mother had to say with a grain of salt.

In short, Kyle says their mother helped them to remain disciplined. The Duke player says his mother holds him and his brother to high expectations and pushes them to their full potential. 

Kyle Filipowski Family & Ethnicity: Meet His Three Brothers 

Kyle Filipowski comes from a family of athletes. Born in Middletown, New York, Kyle comes from a white background. 

The Duke athlete’s parents weren’t the only athletic ones in his bloodline. On his mom’s side, his uncle, Randall Hagerdon, played basketball at Boston College, and his aunt, Beverly Hagerdon, played at Dartmouth from 1984-88.

His uncle, Randall (also called Randy), later studied at LaGrange College, earning a degree in Chemistry. Randall currently works as a Process Engineer for Syensquo and has separated from his wife, Beverly.

He has moved on with a woman named Rebecca, who can be seen on his Facebook handle. Beverly has also moved on from her previous relationship.

After graduating from Dartmouth, Beverly graduated with a master’s degree in International Relations from The George Washington, and for 20 years worked as a consultant for The International Foundation for Electoral Systems.

Kyle Filipowski Brothers: Matt Is His Twin 

Many might know about Kyle’s twin brother, Matt (also known as Matthew) Filipowski. He is currently a sophomore at Havard University and previously graduated from Wilbraham and Monson Academy.

He also spent one year at Fordham Preparatory School and received  All-NEPSAC honors in 2021. In 2020, Matt led his side to the 2020 NEPSAC AA championship and the National Prep Tournament Elite 8 and reached the milestone of 1000 career points.

Kyle Pictured With His Oldest Brother Daniel Filipowski At Duke
Kyle Pictured With His Oldest Brother Daniel Filipowski At Duke (Source: Facebook)

But only a few who closely follow Kyle might know that the basketball player has two older brothers. His two older brothers, Daniel and Taylor, have chosen to stay out of the public spotlight. 

The oldest among the four, Daniel is a graduate of the University of Louisville. Daniel earned a Sports and Fitness Management degree and later enrolled at the University of Central Florida.

In 2019, he graduated with an MBA from UCF and works with Raymond Representation as their NIL Partnerships Marketing Coordinator. He might not have made a name for himself as a basketball player like his younger brothers, but Daniel shares in the sport.

Earlier this year, he volunteered to work as a basketball camp coach for Stanford University and the University of Oregon Athletic Department. Daniel is available on Facebook, but Taylor has kept himself out of the social media site. 

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