Kyle Kuzma Parents Karri Kuzma And Larry Smith

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Kyle Kuzma, the 2020 NBA Champion, parents, Karri Kuzma (mother) and Larry Smith (stepfather), are not together. But their support for their son is unrivaled- indeed, they are proud of him!

Kuzma’s mom Karri raised him as a single parent before his stepdad Larry shared the parental role. As for his biological father, the NBA star had met him only once in his life.

Seems both of his parents have moved on with their respective new relationships.

From his mother & stepfather’s side, Kyle Kuzma has 2 maternal half-siblings (Andre & Briana) & four step-siblings.

Kyle Kuzma And His Mother Karri Kuzma
NBA Player Kyle Kuzma And His Mother Karri Kuzma (source: Facebook)

Born on July 24, 1995, Kyle Alexander Kuzma is an American basketball player who plays in the NBA for the Washington Wizards (2021-now).

Kuzma was the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft by the Utah Jazz but went to the Los Angeles Lakers as a part of the draft rights transfer.

With the Lakers, he won the 2020 NBA Championship, where LeBron James won the NBA Finals MVP for the fourth time.

An alumnus of the University of Utah, Kyle Kuzma not only has a successful career but blissful love life. He is in a relationship with Canadian model Winnie Harlow since 2020.

Kyle Kuzma Parents: Karri Kuzma & Larry Smith

Kuzma learned a lot- work ethics & sacrifice from his mother Karri Kuzma.

Karri became pregnant with Kyle while she was at college. As a result, she had to leave college and raised the future NBA star as a single parent.

As reportedly, she used to do two jobs to meet the month’s end & raise her kid.

The NBA player had met his biological father only once as an infant.

Karri Kuzma got married to Larry Smith (Kyle’s stepfather), which brought a fatherly figure into Kyle Kuzma’s life.

In an interview, Kyle said that it was not a big deal to him not knowing his biological father, as Larry has always been great to him.

NBA Player Kuzma With His Stepfather Larry Smith
NBA Player Kuzma With His Stepfather Larry Smith (Source: Facebook)

The former Lakers player’s stepfather Larry Smith worked as a driver in the Martin Transportation Systems, Inc.

From his mother’s marriage to Larry, Kyle has two younger half-siblings: Briana Smith (born on April 19, 1997) and Andre Smith.

According to Briana’s Facebook profile, she works as a production worker at General Motors. Previously, from 2016 to 2018, she was a baggage handler at Bishop Internation Airport.

Kyle’s younger half-brother, Andre, attended Grand Blanc High School & is pursuing his passion for basketball.

Mother & Stepfather Are Separated

Kuzma’s mother, Karri, and stepfather, Larry, have parted ways & have moved on with their respective relationships.

Currently, Karri Kuzma is in a relationship with Markell Tate; they are in a relationship since 2021.

His stepdad Larry Smith lives with his current wife, Stephanie King-Smith, who he married in July 2002.

Kyle With His Mother And Half Siblings
Kyle With His Mother Karri And Half Siblings (Source: Twitter)

The Wizards’ power forward has a total of four younger stepsiblings.

From his mother’s side, he is the elder brother to Nakia Tate (sister) & Jamari Tate (brother). From his stepfather, he has a stepsister named Alana and a stepbrother named Anthony.

Kyle Kuzma’s Mother Is A Former Athlete

Karri Kuzma, the mother of the NBA player Kyle Kuzma, is a native of Flint, Michigan.

Born on April 15, 1973, she attended Otisville Lakeville High School, where she excelled in tracks. Even more, she led the school to three league titles in both shot put and discus, along with state championships.

A two-time Class B shot put champion, Karri also played two years of varsity basketball and volleyball.

She enrolled at Hillsdale College on a track scholarship, but upon getting pregnant, she left her studies to raise her future son Kyle.

A young single mother & a college dropout, Karri has had different management jobs since 1998.

In 2006, she enrolled at Baker College & obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Karri Kuzma worked as an office manager at a dental practice in Davison.

According to her Facebook profile, she also works as a licensed massage therapist.

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