Lenny Dykstra Son: Meet Cutter, Luke And Gavin

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Lenny Dykstra oldest son, Cutter Dykstra, played for the minor league teams of the Brewers and the Nationals. His youngest son, Luke, also followed in his footsteps and played for the minor league teams of the Cardinals. 

But both his biological sons failed to make it to the MLB. The former Phillies player, Lenny Dykstra, the 1986 World Series Champion, shared a third son with his ex-wife Terri, whom he divorced in 2009. 

Lenny Dykstra Pictured During His Time At The New York Mets
Lenny Dykstra Pictured During His Time At The New York Mets (Source: Instagram)

A controversial figure, the former New York Mets player has a separate heading for his legal issues on Wikipedia. He has been arrested and charged with various stuff, including sexual assault, indecent exposure, 25 misdemeanor and felony counts, and drug possession. 

Recently, it was revealed Dykstra, 61, was recovering at a Los Angeles Hospital from a stroke he suffered earlier in the week.

Lenny Dykstra Son: The Former MLB Player Has Two Biological Sons

With his former wife, Terri Dykstra, Lenny Dykstra shared three sons. His two sons, Cutter and Luke, are with Terri, and he became father to Gavin after Terri brought him into the family after their wedding in 1985.

His two biological sons tried following in his footsteps and became professional players. Cutter and Luke made it to the minor league system but could never jump into the big leagues. 

Born in 1989, Cutter Dykstra is the eldest son of Lenny Dykstra. A graduate of Westlake High School, the Bucks drafted Cutter in the second round of the 2008 MLB draft. 

Cutter (L) With His Wife, Jamie-Lynn, And Luke Have Ventured Away From Baseball
Cutter (L), With His Wife, Jamie-Lynn, And Luke (R), Have Ventured Away From Baseball (Source: Instagram)

In 2008, Cutter played for two teams, Helena and Arizona Brewers. He played with the minor league teams affiliated with the Brewers until the 2010 season. Cutter was traded to the Washington Nationals and started playing for the Potomac Nationals in 2011.

The last baseball team he played for was the Harrisburg Senators in 2016. In his eight years as a professional baseball player, Cutter played in 812 games with a .266 batting average, 40 home runs, and 315 RBIs.

Life Away From Baseball For Cutter

After bidding goodbye to his baseball, Cutter became part of the corporate world. He joined Therabody as their vice president of Global Community & Partnerships in 2016.

In 2019, he was promoted to Chief Business Development Officer, and in 2022, he became the SVP of Global Sports Marketing. He established his business venture WHY&HOW in 2023 and is currently the vice president. 

Lenny Dykstra's Son, Cutter Dykstra, Pictured With His Wife, Jamie-Lynn
Lenny Dykstra’s Son, Cutter Dykstra, Pictured With His Wife, Jamie-Lynn (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, Cutter grabbed headlines as he tied the knot with actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, famous for her role in “The Sopranos.” The couple shares two sons, Beau and Jack. 

Lenny Dykstra’s oldest son is featured at times on his wife’s Instagram handle. Alongside sharing details about her work, Jamie-Lynn has also shared several family photos. 

Lenny Dykstra Youngest Son Luke Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra’s youngest son, Luke Dykstra, was born on November 7, 1995. Like his older brother, Luke also tried building a career in the baseball diamond. 

He played as a second baseman, right fielder, and left fielder. The Atlanta Braves drafted Cutter’s younger brother in the 2014 MLB Draft. He was a seventh-round pick. 

Unlike his brother, Luke’s baseball career was shorter. It started in 2015 with the Braves minor league team, Rome, and ended in 2018 with Sugar Land, a team in the Atlantic League. 

In 2016, Viva El Birdos wrote about Luke’s playing style after he joined the St. Louis Cardinals. The article described Luke as the more impatient hitter compared to his father and brother. 

After retiring as a baseball, Luke has stayed away from the public limelight and isn’t available on social media. 

Lenny Dykstra Wife, Terri, And Son, Gavin 

The former baseball couple, Lenny and Terri Dykstra, married in 1985. But their relationship came to an end in 2009 after 23 years. 

During an interview in 2011, Lenny blamed greedy banks for wrecking his marriage. The former MLB player said he was tricked, and they made him pay $182,000 a month.

Dykstra had defaulted on his payments for the $18.5 million estate he bought from Wayne Gretzky in 2007.

The former Phillies All-Star, Dykstra, said, “It’s called equity stripping, predatory lending at its finest.” In 2010, his home was sold at an auction for an undisclosed amount with a starting bid of $767,000. 

Lenny Dykstra Family Pictured In 2020 In A Photo Shared By Terri
Lenny Dykstra Family Pictured In 2020 In A Photo Shared By Terri (Source: Facebook)

In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2017, the former MLB player regretted his decisions. He said, “My family didn’t deserve all that happened. I think about that every day.”

As part of his divorce settlement with Terri, Dykstra paid $6500-$7000 in cash a month to her. He also revealed that after Cutter signed with the Bucks and received $400,000, he persuaded his son to invest in his Players Club magazine. 

The venture and cash disappeared a year later. However, Lenny maintained throughout the interview that he had a strong bond with his kids.

Terri’s son from her previous relationship, Gavin Dykstra, is available on Facebook but hasn’t shared much about himself. 

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