Lester Quiñones Parents: Father Lester Quiñones Sr And Mother

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Lester Quiñones’s Parents have avoided the limelight of media, where only his father’s name is unveiled: Lester Quiñones Sr.

Lester Quiñones is molded by his exceptional skills on the court and his devoted parents’ steadfast love and guidance.

Dominican-American Professional Basketball Player Lester Quiñones
Dominican-American Professional Basketball Player Lester Quiñones (Source: NBC Sports)

Lester Quiñones, a Dominican-American professional basketball athlete, currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Quiñones has attended multiple high schools, including Brentwood High School, Upper Room Christian School, St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, and IMG Academy.

Transitioning to collegiate basketball, Quiñones showcased his skills as a player for the Memphis Tigers from 2019 to 2022.

Quiñones achieved AAC All-Freshman in 2020, won NIT in 2021, and earned NBA G League’s Most Improved Player in 2023, joining its All-Rookie Team.

Despite an impressive college tenure, Quiñones remained undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft.

Furthermore, he commenced his professional journey in 2022 with the Santa Cruz Warriors before ultimately joining the Golden State Warriors in 2023.

Lester Quiñones Parents And Ethnicity

Lester’s development is shaped by his remarkable skills on the court and his dedicated parents’ unwavering love and guidance.

However, their identities remain largely undisclosed as they intentionally distance themselves from social media and public attention.

Lester Quiñones Played College Basketball For The Memphis Tigers
Lester Quiñones Played College Basketball For The Memphis Tigers (Source: Golden State of Mind)

Despite their absence in the public eye, their influence on Lester’s life and career is profound.

Raised in an environment emphasizing respect and discipline, Lester attributes qualities beyond basketball to his parents’ upbringing.

Moreover, their constant support has been a driving force behind his aspirations and accomplishments.

By choosing to stay out of the spotlight, Lester’s parents prioritize family and personal values over public recognition.

Their anonymity adds a sense of privacy and depth to Lester’s story, highlighting the deeply personal nature of his journey.

Furthermore, regarding his ethnic background, Lester’s heritage encompasses Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Salvadoran roots.

He explains that he has a large family in El Salvador, some relatives in the Dominican Republic, and others in Puerto Rico, with whom he maintains periodic contact.

Lester expresses gratitude for the unwavering support and affection he receives from his diverse family across the globe.

Additionally, he notes that his surname originates from his father’s Puerto Rican lineage.


Lester Transitioning to Standard NBA Contract with Golden State

Lester Quiñones recently transitioned his contract with the Golden State Warriors to a standard NBA agreement.

Initially undrafted in 2022, Quiñones joined the Santa Cruz Warriors, the Warriors’ G League affiliate, for the 2022-23 season.

The Warriors ink Lester Quinones to a Two-Way Contract
The Warriors ink Lester Quinones to a Two-Way Contract (Source: NBA)

In October 2022, during his tenure with the Santa Cruz Warriors, Quiñones delivered an impressive performance, scoring 42 points in a single game.

His remarkable display led to a 10-day contract offer from the Warriors, although he did not see any game time with the team.

Consequently, he returned to the Santa Cruz Warriors later in the season.

Quinones then re-signed with the Golden State Warriors on a two-way contract 15 days later, making his NBA debut with the team on March 31.

Before joining the Golden State Warriors, Quiñones was named the NBA G League Most Improved Player in the 2022-23 season.

Despite limited playing opportunities, Quiñones has showcased his skills in 21 games for the Warriors this season. He’s averaging 12.8 minutes and 4.9 points per game while maintaining a shooting accuracy of 39.1%.

Recently, his contract with the Golden State Warriors was converted to a standard NBA contract, resulting in an estimated earnings of $548,815.

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