Lindy Ruff Net Worth Before Fired: Ex Devils Coach Salary & Career Earnings

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Lindy Ruff net worth is anticipated to be in the millions during his coaching career. The amount includes his salary from National Hockey League (NHL) coaching and playing careers.

Ruff’s earnings as a professional hockey player and, more importantly, his income as an NHL coach combine to create his net worth.

As the hockey world considers his achievements, Lindy Ruff’s name continues to represent determination, leadership, and an unwavering dedication to the sport.

Lindy Cameron Ruff, A Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Coach
Lindy Cameron Ruff, A Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Coach (Source: Instagram)

Lindy Cameron Ruff is a Canadian professional ice hockey coach and former player.

Most recently, he served as head coach of the National Hockey League’s (NHL) New Jersey Devils. Before that, Ruff was the NHL’s head coach of the Dallas Stars.

He also led the Buffalo Sabres from 1997 to 2013, when he was awarded the Jack Adams Award in 2006.

Throughout his playing career, Ruff was a player-manager for the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers.

The Devils signed Ruff to a multi-year contract deal on October 11, 2023. With his 850th victory on December 16, Ruff moved to fourth place in the all-time NHL regular season wins rankings, surpassing Ken Hitchcock.

The Devils removed Lindy Ruff from his head coaching position on March 4, 2024. 

Lindy Ruff Net Worth Before Fired: A Closer Look

The estimated amount of Lindy Ruff’s net worth is $5,415,000. With $8,824,820 in lifetime earnings in today’s currency, he ranks 1742 in NHL/hockey earnings throughout his NHL career.

Ruff’s earnings throughout his coaching career may be examined to gain insight into the financial benefits of his coaching work.

Lindy Ruff Leaves the New Jersey Devils
Lindy Ruff Leaves the New Jersey Devils (Source: Facebook)

Among his notable seasons were 2006–07, when he was awarded the Jack Adams Award, and 2014–15, when he brought in $2,000,000.

When Ruff leaves the New Jersey Devils in March 2024, though, his net worth may be affected in several ways.

This significant change in his career will affect his pay. Depending on several variables, such as his contract and any new hockey opportunities that may arise for him.

The legacy of Lindy Ruff goes beyond his earnings; it includes his decades-long commitment to the sport he loves.

Ruff Coaching Career: The Rise and Achievements

After switching from player to coach, Ruff started a career that would have a lasting impact on the game.

He took off as the Florida Panthers’ assistant coach when he was hired, leading the team to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1995–96.

The Buffalo Sabres hired him as their head coach in 1997 due to his coaching skills.

Lindy Ruff Fired By Buffalo Sabres After 16 Years As Head Coach
Lindy Ruff Fired By Buffalo Sabres After 16 Years As Head Coach (Source: Facebook)

During his time with the Sabres, Ruff achieved several noteworthy achievements. In addition to winning the Jack Adams Award in 2006, he led just one club to 500 coaching victories.

Despite the team’s financial struggles, Ruff led the Sabres to consecutive Eastern Conference Finals berths in 2006 and 2007.

His career progressed with coaching stops with the Dallas Stars. He made it to the postseason in 2014 and subsequently worked with the New York Rangers as an assistant coach.

Ruff finally assumed leadership in 2020 as the head coach of the New Jersey Devils. He held This position until 2022, when he achieved his 800th coaching victory.

He has had a lasting impact on the sport as a player, captain, and coach. Ruff is well-respected in the hockey community for his ability to coach young players and guide teams to the Stanley Cup Finals, which go well beyond financial realms.

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