Loana Lecomte Parents: Meet Loïc And Cathy Lecomte

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Loana Lecomte, the French mountain biking sensation, has unwavering support from her parents, Loïc and Cathy Lecomte.

Loana’s introduction to the cycling world occurred at the tender age of 8.

However, she quickly displayed a natural aptitude for the sport, and her rapid progression soon caught the attention of the cycling community. 

Loic and Cathy have been instrumental in shaping Loana’s journey from a young cycling enthusiast to a global sports icon.

Loana Lecomte
Loana Lecomte, French mountain bike cyclist (Source: Instagram)

Loana Lecomte is a French cross-country and mountain bike cyclist. She was born on 8 August 1999 in Annecy, France. She started cycling at the age of 8 and became a national junior champion in 2016 and 2017.

Loana moved to the U23 category in 2019 and joined the Massi Bikes team. She won the U23 world and European championships in 2020 and the team relay world championship with France.

Loana dominated the UCI XCO World Cup in 2021, winning six out of seven races and the overall title. She also became the national elite champion for the first time.

Likewise, in 2022, Loana switched to the Canyon CLLCTV XCO Team1 and won the European elite championship in Munich, beating her compatriot Pauline Ferrand-Prévot.

In 2023, she finished second behind Ferrand-Prévot at the world championships in Glasgow. She also won a silver medal in the team relay with France. 

Loana Lecomte Parents

Meet Loïc And Cathy Lecomte

Loana Lecomte is the eldest of three children in the Lecomte family. Her siblings, Nell and Liam, are equally talented in their own right.

Nell is an accomplished athlete, excelling in athletics, while Liam is making his mark in the world of judo.

Loana’s father, Loïc Lecomte, is a respected judo teacher in Meythet, adding an athletic dimension to the family.

Likewise, her mother, Cathy Lecomte, is a salesperson in the Arve Valley.

Cathy also shares a passion for running and cycling, and her active lifestyle has undoubtedly influenced Loana’s pursuits.

Loana Lecomte was raised by loving parents
Loana Lecomte Was Raised By Loving Parents (Source: Instagram)

As a child, Loana was immersed in the world of downhill skiing, a thrilling and challenging winter sport. However, her parents, Loïc and Cathy Lecomte, believed a summer sport would fit her better. 

Loana also has loving grandparents, Jean-Pierre and Marivonne. 

This familial environment of athleticism, support, and a shared love for sports undoubtedly nurtured Loana’s passion for cycling and contributed to her early success.

Loana Is A Resilient And Lighthearted Champion!

Loana Lecomte suffered a minor injury on May 7, 2022, following the XCC World Cup race in Albstadt, Germany. Following the race, she took to Instagram to express her feelings. 

Her post carried a touch of humor that shows her ability to find positivity in difficult situations.

Loana's post on Instagram following the race
Loana’s post on Instagram following the race (Source: Instagram)

Loana described her day as ending with a “sandwich” and humorously identified herself as the “cheese” in the equation.

It’s a lighthearted way of addressing what was likely a tough race, as she acknowledges the bruises she’s sustained.

Her comment about being “pretty bruised” and her determination to remain “hungry (or angry) for Sunday” displays her dedication and resilience.

This kind of attitude is what separates champions from the rest, and it’s clear that Loana is unfazed by setbacks and always remains focused on her next challenge.


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