Manchester City under pressure to lift the trophy

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Manchester City completely controls the Premier League title race this season with 14 points ahead of Manchester United.

Anything is possible coming to this stage since Premier League is headed for its most unpredictable and chaotic title race.

Manchester City is continuously becoming able to extend its winning record. And the major reason behind it has to be the incredible players in the team for sure.

In a season of attrition for every other team, Manchester is looking back to its history. They are working hard to bring the trophy home back.

Man City has easily set the best defensive record in the Premier League by winning 22 times in 30 total games.

Looking at the last five records, Man City has lost only one match in the premier league.

Man City game Trends

Looking at the first game for the season 2020-21 on September 22nd, 2020. Man City won the first match with 3-1 against Wolves, which turned out to be 4-1 later on March 3rd.

Man City kick off their Premier League campaign with a 3-1 win at Wolves. During the match, De Bruyne put the visitors in front of a penalty and won on his own. Then Foden rounded off a slick.

Jimenez pulled one back for wolves just 12 minutes before the time. On the other hand, Jesus killed off the contest in added time. Therefore the Man City defeated the Wolves in their first match for the season.

However, it wasn’t the same with Leicester City on the game of September 27th, 2020. Leicester City beat Man City with 5-2 on which Jamie Vardy scored three goals with Maddison and Tielemans scored one each goal for Leicester.

For the first time in 686 games, Pep Guardiola has seen his side concede five goals as a manager. And also for Man City having shipped five goals in 438 previous games at the Etihad Stadium.

Moreover, on October 3rd, 2020, there was a draw with Leeds United with 1-1. Sterling of Man City made the opening score which Rodrigo of Leeds later canceled.

Short Description on overall games

Similarly, Man City haunted Arsenal, Sheffield United, Southampton, Brighton with 1-0. Furthermore, Burnley, West Brom, lost their battle with Man City and made five consecutive goals over them.

On a similar note, Crystal Palace got conceded with 4-0 and Tottenham with 3-0. And Fulham, Newcastle, Aston Villa lost it by 2-0. Also, Chelsea lost it by 3-1 and Everton with 3-1.

Premier League Scoreboard 2021 ( Source: Sports)

Man City gets into a draw with West Ham, Liverpool, West Brom on 1-1 goal. However, a muted Manchester derby as Man City and Man United cancel each other out with no goal. But later, Man United defeated Man City by 2-0.

Later on, Man City defeated Liverpool with 4-1 and West Ham with 2-1. Continuing the previous note, Man City beat Southampton later with 5-2 on March 10th.

Man City god Conceded by Tottenham with 2-0. In this way, Manchester City has 22 wins, five draws, and three loss ratios to date.

Looking back at history

Manchester United leading the table, has won the title 20 times to date. Following Man United, Liverpool has made it 19 times. And Arsenal 13, Everton 9, and Aston Villa for seven times.

Manchester City has won the title for the six-time in the past seasons. We can mention some recent dates as 2012, 2014, 2017, and 2018. Along with this Chelsea, Sunderland AFC also won it six times.

Record of winners ( Source: World Football)

Whereas Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, and West Bromwich Albion have made it only once.

“Manchester City class of 2020-21 will remain the worst,” says Pep Guardiola

The manager knows well that his tenure is going to be defined based on his team’s success. Pep has not forgotten the first message given to him as he joined Man City in 2016.

Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola

Guardiola told reporters, “Since the first year I arrived, they told me that you have to win. It is always on our shoulders.”

Pep Guardiola said Man City class of 2020-21 would remain the worst of his spell until they win a trophy.

“Right now, the team is worst than the previous one since they have won nothing this year. We are waiting for results, the title we can lift, that’s why previous Manchester City won, and this team still have to prove it,” Guardiola told reporters.

Pep Guardiola added they have to analyze the opponent, their shape and how they want to play, principles, and concentrate on doing good. And he is incredibly impressed for Man City players in the premier league. In the tough year, they got able to stay 14 points clear.

In the final of the Carabao Cup and the Champion’s League’s quarter-final, the team can also play in the FA cup’s semi-finals.

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