Manchester United Women Vs. West Ham Women 2-0

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Young Lauren James scored as Manchester United looked to beat West Ham on a historic day when Old Trafford hosted the Women’s Super League for the first time.

James, 19, woke up with a header from Maria Thorisdottir in the corner to make it 1-0 just after the break.

USA striker Christ Press struck for a second after being hit by Jackie Groenen six minutes later.

United, who usually plays in Leigh Sports Village, sits third at the table.

James, one of England’s most promising youngsters, came out on top in the first half. And she was rewarded for his excellent work as the first woman to score at Old Trafford just five minutes into the rest of the season.

James has now scored Manchester United’s first women’s goal 

She has now scored Manchester United’s first women’s goal in the Championship, WSL, FA Cup and is currently at Old Trafford.

James showed skill, ingenuity, and speed everywhere, approaching again in the second round as his bending strike flew an inch passing right.

James has now scored Manchester United's first women's goal- Danred Sports
James has now scored Manchester United’s first women’s goal (Source: Danred Sports)

Before her opening, the management struggled to overthrow West Ham. Who sits down at the table and does not win seven WSL games.

The media had a chance to score and doubled the broken balls in a six-yard field, blocking James and midfielder Ella Toone.

The flexibility is almost certainly too expensive for the management as both Martha Thomas of West Ham, Kenza Dali, and Dagny Brynjarsdottir all had a chance to get into the home defense in the first half after being handed the ball.

Hammers had to pay for not taking advantage of their opportunities even though James and Newspaper provided the Manchester United clinic boundary before Laura Vetterlein’s second yellow card made life even more difficult for visitors in the final stages.

The result leaves Casey Stoney by six points ahead of Arsenal. Who takes on North London rivals Spurs at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium later on Saturday (15:30 GMT).

West Ham has one point below Bristol City, facing their arch-rivals down to Birmingham City on Sunday (16:00 GMT).

You wouldn’t even dream! – what they say.

Manchester United manager Casey Stoney: “We were wrong in the first half. And maybe that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, so I think there was a case in point. Now that’s done. They know what it’s like.

Manchester United manager Casey Stoney- The United Stand
Manchester United manager Casey Stoney (Source: The United Stand)

“The players know when they are good enough. I said [during the break] if you want to get a chance to go to the Champions League. 

You have to play at the Champions League level, and we didn’t deserve it.

“When we started playing together in the second half, we were better.”

Manchester United midfielder Ella Toone: “As a Manchester United fan, it was like a dream come true to play on such a fantastic stage. 

It was a special event, and I’m glad we came out with three points.”

West Ham manager Olli Harder when playing for Old Trafford: “All the players enjoyed the opportunity to be here. It was an excellent promotion for women’s football.

“For someone who grew up underground and only saw Old Trafford on TV, to say that it was a dream to come here to train is not true because you would never dream of it! It is not valid if you are still alive in New Zealand.

“It was a great event for me. However, most importantly, for the girls to come and play in one of the most historic stadiums in the world.”

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