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International rugby union player Antoine Dupont was born to his mother, Marie-Pierre Dupont, in Lannemezan, France. Among his two parents, only his mom, Marie, is alive.

Growing up in a nearby village with his older brother, Antoine started playing rugby when he was three.

His older brother, Clement, had already started playing the game with his friends, so he followed him.

However, Clement never considered going professional as he always thought a village boy like him could have a rugby career, which could run his livelihood.

Proving him wrong, his little brother, Antoine, has become an international rugby star.

French Professional Rugby Union Player Antoine Dupont
French Professional Rugby Union Player Antoine Dupont (Source: Wales Online)

Antoine Dupont is a French rugby union player who plays for the Toulouse club of the Top 14, France’s top national rugby union league. 

He began playing in junior competitions in 2011, playing as a half-scrum for FC Auch. After staying with them for three years, he joined the Castres and debuted in the Top 14.

Dupont has been playing for Toulous since 2017, appearing in 103 games and scoring 220 points. He won the Top 14 league (2019, 2021, 2023) and European Rugby Championship Cup (2021) with them.

Aside from his club career, Antoine captains the senior French national team in international rugby tournaments. 

Antoine Dupont Mother | Marie-Pierre Dupont And Family

Antoine Dupont was born to his parents, Jean and Marie-Pierre Dupont, on November 15, 1996, in Lannemezan, France. As per various sources, his father has already passed away.

Besides, he has a brother named Clement, who is four years older than him.

Antoine’s mother, Marie, raised him and his brother in Castelnau-Magnoac, a village in southwestern France.

His family owned a farm there, with enough space for the young boys to play sports.

Antoine Dupont's Mother Marie-Pierre Dupont
Antoine Dupont’s Mother, Marie-Pierre Dupont (Source: Playersaga)

However, his favorite game was rugby, which he learned to play with his older brother.

His parents, too, allowed him to participate in games from a young age, and he was only four when he began playing rugby for Magnoac FC.

His relatives from both his father’s and mother’s sides played rugby, so they were happy their son played it.

Dupont still vividly remembers his mom, Marie, and her sisters accompanying him during his matches everywhere.

Currently, Marie-Pierre Dupont lives with her older son, Clement, in Castelnau-Magnoac, where they run a family restaurant.

Aside from playing rugby for the local club XV, her older son, Clement, does pig farming and is one of the most successful farmers in the region.

Dupont Is A College Graduate

Despite being invested so much in rugby, Antoine Dupont completed his higher studies.

He obtained his biology and natural sciences degree from Beaulieu Agricultural High School in 2014.

Antoine Dupont
French Rugby Captain Antoine Dupont (Source: RTL)

Although Antoine was unsure about continuing his education after high school, he went to a college in Auch, upon the advice of his brother, where he completed his undergraduate course.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in science and techniques of physical and sports activities from Toulouse III- Paul Sabatier University in 2018.

Moreover, Dupont later attended Toulouse School of Management, earning his master’s in sports management in 2020.

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