Matt Nagy Salary And Net Worth: Will Chiefs OC Be Fired?

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NFL fans worldwide have been wondering about Chiefs’ Offensive Coach Matt Nagy’s net worth and salary.

The former quarterback has also questioned his coaching, with some Chiefs faithfully calling for his firing.

The former player started coaching with the Philadelphia Eagles in the late 2000s. 

Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy
Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy (Source: Forbes)

Matt Nagy was born on April 24, 1978, in New Jersey, United States. He was into sports from an early age, with people saying he was hyper-competitive in every sport he played.

Naggy played basketball and football as a quarterback in his high school, Manheim Central.

He posted great stats and earned many accolades in high school football. However, this didn’t translate to getting many college offers.

Ultimately, he played for Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens in the three years from 1997 to 2000.

Academically, he graduated from university with a Health and Physical Education degree. 

Unfortunately, Nagy’s NFL dreams never came to fruition as he was undrafted in the 2001 NFL draft. 

He finally succeeded as a coach, associating with franchises like the Chiefs, Eagles, and Bears.

Matt Nagy’s Salary And Net Worth

According to reports, Nagy’s salary while working as the head coach of the Chicago Bears was around $100,000. 

According to NBC Sports’ calculation, the average salary of an NFL coordinator in 2022 was $1 million.

However, Nagy is vastly experienced, with a Super Bowl title as part of the Chiefs’ coaching staff. 

So as one of the prominent people in his role, we can estimate his average salary to be around $4 million mark. His additional earnings also come from his former career as Arena Football League quarterback. 

Overall, we can estimate Matt Nagy’s net worth to be around $5 million to $6 million.  

Will Matt Nagy Be Fired?

In a shocking turn of events, some sections of the Kansas City Chiefs fans are calling for firing their offensive coordinator, Nagy.

The team has been going through a string of lackluster results and performances recently. 

Offensively, the Super Bowl-winning firepower has not looked the same after Nagy’s promotion as Head Offensive Coordinator for the 2023 season.  

Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy (Source:

As of now, the Chiefs remain faithful to Nagy, and he continues his role as offensive coordinator for the team. 

Nagy’s Challenges As Coach

After the Chicago Bears fired him as the head coach in 2022, the New Jersey native’s career took a massive hit.

In an interview, the former quarterback revealed he was in a dark period after this firing. 

He emotionally stated,

“You’re in charge of how many hundreds of people in an organization — to in charge of nobody. That’s hard. … And you have to figure out what’s next.”

Matt Nagy As Head Coach Of Chicago Bears
Matt Nagy As Head Coach Of Chicago Bears (Source: NY Post)

Commencing this, he signed for the Kansas City Chiefs as their quarterback coach.

After good performances initially, the franchise promoted him to be their offensive coordinator in February 2023. 

Despite facing many challenges, including going undrafted as a player and experiencing firings as a coach, Nagy’s never-give-up attitude keeps him afloat in the challenging world of NFL football.

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