Matt Patricia Weight Loss: Eagles Coach Diet And Workout Plan 2024

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The Eagles’ senior defensive assistant coach, Matt Patricia, has lost some weight compared to his days at the Lions and the Patriots. With his job on the line, Patricia could also be going through a lot of stress. 

Hired by the Eagles last year to elevate their defense, Patricia’s weight has been a butt of a joke among NFL fans for several years. Patricia gained significant weight during his time as the Lions coach, and he couldn’t put off the weight while he was with the Patriots.

Patricia's Weight Ballooned During His Time With The Patriots And The Lions
Patricia’s Weight Ballooned During His Time With The Patriots And The Lions (Source: Twitter)

Over the years, several NFL coaches have talked about losing excessive weight by opting for a healthier diet routine. Rex Ryan and Jay Gruden are two former NFL coaches who have shared their weight loss journey. 

Patricia is on the firing line after the Eagles ended their season with a disappointing loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A few critics called promoting Patricia to the play-caller role an absolutely diabolical move. So, will Patricia be there in Philly for next season? Most Eagles fans will say, “Hopefully not!” 

Matt Patricia Weight Loss: Has The Eagles Coach Cut Down The Calories?

In 2020, many NFL fans talked about the NFL coach Matt Patricia weight gain over the summer. At the time, Patricia was the head coach of the Detroit Lions. 

The NFL coach’s weight gain could’ve been attributed to his Achilles injury. Due to the injury, Matt couldn’t put weight on his leg or move around without mechanical assistance. 

The former Detroit Lions head coach was moving around in an ATV, and he even used a golf cart for a while. When asked about his health status, Patricia said, “We’re still day-by-day, but we have some progress here.

I think I’ve had like four different casts on. This is a walking boot, but I’m still kind of in the same mode right now.”

The Eagles Coach Might've Cut Down The Calories From His Days In Detroit
The Eagles Coach Might’ve Cut Down The Calories From His Days In Detroit (Source: Twitter)

Matt’s weight only increased in the years to come. On X (formerly Twitter), many NFL joked about the coach’s weight, with one user writing, “My whole family is making fun of Matt Patricia’s weight…. wouldn’t you stress eat if you were the head coach of the Lions???”

But in the recent press conferences, it looks like the Eagles coach might’ve trimmed down some unnecessary fat from his body. The senior defensive assistant might have finally chosen to take the healthier route. 

A few fans have pointed out how a player could remain motivated and disciplined if his coach isn’t any of those things.

More than a decade ago, the Bleacher Report wrote an article asking if super-sized coaches could lead to super-sized success.

If Mike McCarthy was able to lead his team to NFL glory, then Wade Phillips struggled to lead the Cowboys anywhere close to the trophy. So, you can’t certainly eat your way to success. 

Football Coaches Diet And Workout Plan

It might be too early to ask Matt Patricia about his weight loss secret. But a few football coaches have shared how they have been able to put off the weight.

Last year, Deion Sanders, “Coach Prime,” who is in fact older than Matt but looks younger than him, said he prioritizes a healthy lifestyle.

Sanders said his routine involves waking up at 5 am to hit the gym, which is then followed by eating a handful of almonds. He then has a banana-strawberry smoothie and grits for breakfast so he feels energized for the morning practice. 

Coach Prime said he aims to get enough protein and veggies and avoids fried food and candy. 

Jay Gruden Is One Of The NFL Coach's Who Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight
Jay Gruden Is One Of The NFL Coach’s Who Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight (Source: Twitter)

The former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills coach, Rex Ryan, once weighed nearly 350 pounds. He lost over 100 pounds after undergoing lap-band surgery but gained most of it back after removing the band in 2016.

But in 2018, the former NFL coach said he lost weight to appear on The Amazing Race. Ryan lost 50 pounds in a month and a half, which was down to him eating protein and vegetables and cutting down on snacking.

Rex also added he cut down on soda and started to exercise regularly. The Super Bowl-winning coach also said he went big only once a week with his Mexican food, something for him to look forward to. 

The former Washington Commanders coach, Jay Gruden, also shared his weight loss journey when he had ballooned up to nearly 250lbs and dropped 30lbs over the summer in 2018. 

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