Matt Petgrave Wiki And Age: Ice Hockey Player Has A Girlfriend?

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Following a recent controversy involving him, people have shown a keen interest in the Ice Hockey Star Matt Petgrave Wiki page.

As a tenacious and skilled ice hockey player, he managed to carve his name into the annals of ice hockey history.

Matthew Petgrave, born on January 29, 1992, is a defender for the Sheffield Steelers of the United Kingdom’s Elite Ice Hockey League.

Matt Petgrave, A Professional Ice Hockey Player For The Steelers
Matt Petgrave, A Professional Ice Hockey Player For The Steelers (Source: Twitter)

Driven by a childhood fascination for the sport, he chose to turn his passion into a promising career.

Petgrave initiated his career by playing ice hockey with the Toronto Titans U18 AAA in the 2008-09 season.

In his formative years, he played for various teams in Canada, including Owen Sound Attack and the University of New Brunswick.

Later, In the 2017-18 season, he seized the opportunity to play for the Laval Rocket and the Belleville Senators.

His passion and dedication to the game also led him across Canada, the United States, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

However, since 2022-23, Matt Petgrave has been a part of the Steelers and has played in more than 58 games.

Matt Petgrave Wiki: Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend

Matthew Petgrave has always maintained a private stance and does not consider it necessary to discuss his personal life.

Petgrave stated that his family prefers to avoid the spotlight, and he respects their choice to keep it that way.

Matt believes in maintaining a clear separation between his private life and his professional life.

Additionally, there are no reports of him being involved with any significant other, and he is reportedly single.

Matt Petgrave Controversy: Adam Johnson

On October 28, 2023, a fatal accident occurred during a match between the Sheffield Steelers and the Nottingham Panthers.

During the match, as the play was unfolding, Adam Johnson advanced, and when defender Petgrave moved forward as well, he lost his balance and slipped.

Regrettably, when the player slipped, his shoe blade struck Adam’s neck, causing immediate bleeding.

The game came to an immediate halt, and Adam’s girlfriend rushed to his side upon witnessing the scene.

Despite informing the medics about the incident and swiftly rushing Adam to the hospital, he couldn’t survive.

The hospital officially confirmed Adam’s death on the same day.

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson (Source: The Telegraph)

In the aftermath of the tragedy, every player from both teams, as well as Adam’s fans and his girlfriend, were deeply shaken.

Players and fans collectively offered their final respects to Adam and comforted Matt, assuring him that it was an accident.

However, some trolls seized the opportunity to harass Matt and initiated sending him death threats.

Matt Hate And Support

Matt is also receiving hateful messages on his social media, prompting him to temporarily set his account to private.

However, fans of Adam stated that it was a one-in-a-million occurrence and is unlikely to happen again.

One of them said, “He was absolutely distraught by the death of an opponent but it was a tragic accident and he was not to blame. The awful trolling must stop.”

Petgrave has not yet addressed the matter, but he is deeply shaken by the incident and has remained silent.

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