Matthew Boling Parents: Who Are Mark And Monique Boling?

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Matthew Boling parents, Mark and Monique, raised Christian. Monique is a former triathlete, while Mark is a businessman.

Matthew Boling is a US-born track and field athlete famous for winning the gold medal in 100 meters, 200 meters, 4 × 100 meters relay, and 4 × 100 meters relay at Pan American U20 Championships held in San Jose in 2019.

Specializing in the sprints and long jump, Matthew helped set world under-20 records for the United States in both relay races.

In the 2018 World U20 Championships, he ran for the American 4 × 400 m relay team and earned silver.

Matthew Boling At The US Championship Final
Matthew Boling At The US Championship Final (Source: Instagram)

His high school track and field accomplishments during the Spring of 2019 gained him national attention.

In March 2019, he broke a ten years record for the farthest long jump for a high school athlete with a 26’3.5″ (8.01 m) mark at the Texas Relays.

Matthew also bested the high school all-conditions 100 m record at the Region 6A-3 track meet in the under-18 category. He clocked the 10-second barrier with a wind-assisted 9.98 seconds run on April 27, 2019.

The University of Georgia sprinter is a 2 times NCAA Champion and 3 times SEC Champion.

Matthew Boling Parents: Mark And Monique Boling

Matthew Boling was born to Mark Boling and Monique Boling in Houston, Texas, United States, on June 20, 2000.

He also has a twin brother named Michael Boling. Michael was valedictorian at Strake Jesuit and is pursuing a degree with a major in business.

Meet Mark Boling

Mark Boling, the 2012 London Financial Times “U.S. Innovative Lawyer of the Year,” is an attorney of law.

He has worked as an attorney in the energy sector while seeking solutions for climate change.

He is the founder and CEO of 2C Energy LLC. His company provides low-carbon energy solutions that enhance energy security while sustaining economic growth.

Matthew At The Gatorade Awards With His Parents
Boling At The Gatorade Awards With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

In his previous venture as Executive Vice President of Southwestern Energy Company, Mark made history by becoming “freshwater neutral” in its operations.

He is a frequent speaker on the low-carbon economy and energy transformation, having lectured at Yale and Harvard University.

Mark does not believe Matthew’s athleticism was because of his genes. According to Mark, it is the result of Matthew’s work ethic and self-effort.

Meet Monique Boling

Matthew’s mother, Monique, is a former athlete herself. She used to run triathlons when she was in her 40s.

Monique, along with a couple of her friends, started training and racing together through the Heart Zones Women’s Tri Training group. They got hooked up on the experience and went on to participate in many triathlons.

The group members would compete together in events near their homes, as many as five or six each year.

Mark and Monique are confident about Matthew and think he is practical and puts in the necessary effort. Matthew’s parents are impressed by their son’s achievements and praise his work ethic.

Matthew Boling Relationship

Matthew Boling is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Sophia Baker. Sophia is a student and track runner at the University of Georgia.

She was born on June 2, 2002, to Karen Baker and Greg Baker. The couple met at the University of Georgia, where they were members of respective varsity teams.

Matthew With His Girlfriend Sophia
Matthew With His Girlfriend Sophia (Source: Instagram)

They can be seen posting pictures on their Instagram handles with sweet captions.

The pair is very much loved by fans online. They watch each other play and show their support to one another.

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