Maverick Carter Wife: Is Lebron James Manager Married? Betting Controversy

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NBA player Lebron James’s manager Maverick Carter is neither married nor he is in a relationship. 

Following recent news about Maverick Carter’s involvement in illegal NBA game bets, fans have become curious about his personal life.

Nevertheless, there is very little information available regarding his dating history.

Maverick Carter Is A Childhood Friend of Player LeBron James
Maverick Carter Is A Childhood Friend of Player LeBron James (Source: Bloomberg)

Maverick Carter was born on October 10, 1980, spending his formative years in Akron, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia.

A close friend of LeBron James, Carter attended St. Vincent–St. Mary High School (SVSM) in Akron, where they both participated in basketball and football.

Following his time at SVSM, Carter briefly played college basketball at Western Michigan before transitioning to the University of Akron.

His career took a turn when he interned with Nike, leading him to leave college and join Nike as a field representative.

Since 2006, he has been James’ business manager and is one of the founders of LRMR, an agent and sports marketing company, alongside James, Rich Paul, and Randy Mims.

Alongside James, Carter co-founded SpringHill Entertainment, a company in collaboration with Warner Bros., involved in various projects.

Maverick Carter Wife: Is Lebron James Manager Married?

No, Maverick Carter is not married and doesn’t have a wife. He is probably single.

He might have been in a relationship in his lifetime but he hasn’t revealed any of the information. 

He’s maintained a low profile when it comes to dating and has refrained from opening details about his romantic life.

However, one time there were rumors linking him with British actress Ella Balinska, sparked when they were seen together at a Nas show.

Maverick Carter Doesn't Have A Wife or Girlfriend
Maverick Carter Doesn’t Have A Wife or Girlfriend (Source: Glamour Bluff)

Additionally, Nas posted a picture of them together on his Instagram account, fueling the speculations.

However, no substantial evidence or official statements from either Balinska or Carter have confirmed their relationship.

As a result, the rumored dating scenario remains unverified, and neither party has addressed these speculations publicly.

Maverick Carter’s Betting Controversy

Maverick Carter, known for his close association with LeBron James, revealed to a federal agent in 2021 that he engaged in sports betting with an illegal bookie.

The disclosure occurred during an investigation involving Wayne Nix, a former Minor League baseball player, who faced charges related to operating an illegal sports gambling business.

Reportedly, Carter admitted to placing around 20 bets on basketball and football, ranging between $5,000 to $10,000 each.

Although he cooperated with authorities and was never charged, he did not recall making any bets involving the Lakers and denied betting on behalf of others.

Maverick Carter Admitted To Betting on NBA Games Through An Illegal Bookie
Maverick Carter Admitted To Betting on NBA Games Through An Illegal Bookie (Source: Berklee College of Music)

According to a spokesperson, Carter’s involvement was not the focus of the investigation, and he was not pursued further on the matter.

The NBA has strict rules prohibiting players, team officials, referees, and agents from betting on sports.

Carter, as a business manager, doesn’t fall under this specific jurisdiction.

However, betting with an illegal bookie, especially in areas where sports gambling is illegal, presents a different issue.

Despite this, from the league’s standpoint, Carter did not breach any rules governed by the NBA.

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