Meet Aaron Wan Bissaka Brother Kevin Bissaka- Age Gap And Family Tree

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Aaron Wan Bissaka’s brother, Kevin Bissaka, grew up as an Arsenal fan. Kevin Bissaka is four years older than Aaron.

The Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan Bissaka began his football journey with Crystal Palace in 2016. Three years later, Wan Bissaka joined Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United on a £45 million move.

Nicknamed “Spider” Aaron Wan Bissaka won the hearts of the fans quickly because of his one-one-defense against attackers. But there were question marks over his attacking form.

Aaron Wan-Bissak, The Right Back For Manchester United
Aaron Wan-Bissak, The Right Back For Manchester United (Source: Instagram)

Under Ten Hag, Aaron Wan Bissaka was made to stay on the bench over Diogo Dalot.

But in recent weeks, Wan Bissaka has proved his worth once again to the manager. He has made his way back to the team that features Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez as first choices in defense.

There were even rumors that he might be on his way out along with Harry Maguire. But with his recent form, Manchester United would be considered mad for letting go of him this easily. 

Aaron Wan Bissaka Brother, Kevin Bissaka

Aaron Wan Bissaka’s older brother, Kevin Bissaka, grew up alongside him in Croydon. 

Kevin and Aaron grew up as Arsenal fans, but more than that, they were two blokes from Croyden who loved football more than anything.

Like his brother, Kevin was a football player when he was young. Before Aaron joined the Junior Elite team when he was six, Kevin was already a player on their side. 

Growing up, Kevin and Aaron were raised in a strict surrounding by their father. He would take the two to their football training.

On Left: Aaron Pictured Playing Pool With His Brother Kevin And On Right: Wan Bissaka Seen Defending Against Former City Player Raheem Sterling
On The left: Aaron Pictured Playing Pool With His Brother Kevin And On The Right: Wan Bissaka Seen Defending Against Former City Player Raheem Sterling (Source: Instagram)

But later in his life, Kevin opted not to pursue football professionally. Though, until the 2013/14 season, he used to play soccer- for Chessington & Hook United F.C.

In his many interviews, Aaron has said his brother was a much better footballer than him.

In 2019, when Bissaka was new to Manchester United and in his first season, the UK tabloid, The Daily Mail had arranged an interview with the right back.

During the family interview, Kevin admitted when his brother would face Arsenal later in the season, he would want the game to end in a draw. So, even brotherly love can’t stand against love for your club. 

Kevin is available on Instagram with the username @_kxvb1 but has kept his account private.

Aaron Wan Bissaka Parents: Ambroise And Elizabeth Bissaka 

Aaron Wan Bissaka credits his parents, Ambroise and Elizabeth Bissaka, for helping him stay on the right path.

For a player who is perceived to be shy by many United fans, Aaron wasn’t always at his best discipline as a young kid. 

His father, Ambroise, would have to leave his job to chase after his son as he would get into trouble. Aaron has said if it weren’t for his family, he would’ve gone down the wrong path. 

In an interview with Beauts ‘n’ Boots, Ambroise said he didn’t want his son to have more friends.

If his friends would come to their house, he would send them away and tell their parents not to send them to their home.

Aaron Wan Bissaka's Parents Ambroise And Elizabeth Pictured Enjoying A Yacht Trip In 2021
Aaron Wan Bissaka’s Parents Ambroise And Elizabeth Pictured Enjoying A Yacht Trip In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

During the interview, Ambroise proudly showed all the achievements his son had received during his younger days up until his time with United. 

Ambroise tried to instill a strong mentality into his son from a young age. He was a man who had fled his country DR Congo due to war and came to England in 1997. 

The father of two knows what it is like to work hard and raise a family, and he wanted his son to follow the same disciplined path.

It might have taken Aaron some time to understand his family’s sacrifices, and nonetheless, he has certainly paid them back with his determination to better himself every day.

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