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Professional football player Ryan Neal grew up in a large household with four siblings and parents in Indiana, United States. His older brother, Mike Neal, is a former NFL player.

Their dad, Michael, was a collegiate football player at Weber State. After graduation, he even got a deal with the New York Giants of the NFL, but eventually had to choose another job as it did not work out.

However, he encouraged Mike and his younger brothers to participate in sports activities. As a result, two of his kids later became professional athletes.

American Professional Football Player Ryan Neal
American Professional Football Player Ryan Neal (Source: The Seattle Times)

Ryan Christopher Neal, better known as Ryan Neal, is an American professional football player who currently plays football safety for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Although Ryan remained unpicked in the 2018 draft, he started his professional league career with the Philadelphia Eagles, signing as an undrafted free agent.

He has been associated with four NFL teams, including the Buccs, in just four years.

Before his professional debut, Ryan was a collegiate athlete for the Southern Illinois Salukis. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sports administration in 2017.

Ryan Neal Brother | Family And Ethnicity

The professional football safety Ryan Neil was born to his parents, Michael and Rhonda Neal, on December 24, 1995, in Hammond, Indiana. Besides him, his parents had four other kids- three sons and a daughter.

Speaking of his ethnicity, he is African-American. Both his parents are from Indiana and raised all their kids there. 

Ryan Neal
Ryan Neal (Source: Pro Football Rumors)

His dad, Michael Neal Sr., better known as Mike, is a firefighter in Gary, Indiana. Although he had aspired to become an NFL player in college, he started his job as a firefighter soon after graduation and continues it to this day.

Ryan remembers his dad used to be away from home for days, doing his duty when he was a kid. However, it was always fun whenever he was off work, as he spent time preparing food for his kids and coaching them football.

On the other hand, Ryan’s mom, Rhonda, is an admission representative at a local school. She later founded the Neal Foundation, which provides financial help to single women and underprivileged families with young children.

Both Ryan and Mike helped their mom run the organization in the past. Besides, nothing substantial is known about his three other siblings.

More On Mike Neal’s Life And Career

Ryan’s older brother, Mike Neal, was born as Mike Sr. and Rhonda’s oldest son on June 26, 1987, in Gary, Indiana.

Growing up near Merriville, Indiana, he attended Merriville High School, where he played basketball and football. However, he was more into football because of his dad’s interest in the game.

After graduating, he enrolled in the Pursue University, pursuing a health and fitness degree and playing collegiate football for the Boilermakers.

Ryan Neals Older Brother Mike
Ryan Neals Older Brother, Mike (Source: Pro Football Rumors)

After redshirting his first season, Mike appeared in four seasons for his college team until 2009, where he became known as the team’s outstanding hitter.

Mike started his NFL career in 2010 after the Green Bay Packers chose him as the 56th overall pick in the draft. He played 68 regular season matches for the Packers, recording 133 tackles and three forced fumbles in his professional career.

He won the Super Bowl with the Packers in 2011. Mike eventually retired from his playing career just after his sixth NFL season in 2015.

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Who is Ryan Neal Brother?

Ryan Neal brother is Mike Neal. 

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