Miah Harbaugh Age & Wikipedia: All About Jim Harbaugh Ex Wife

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Miah Harbaugh, formerly Miah Burke, has significantly impacted the football world, particularly as the former wife of legendary Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh. She is now 52 years old.

Although Jim’s well-known coaching profession has frequently eclipsed Miah’s personal life, she has a unique story filled with experiences, personal development, and resiliency.

Jim Harbaugh , Captain Comeback
Football Coach Jim Harbaugh (Source: X)

Jim Harbaugh‘s football journey began at the University of Michigan in 1982, where he played as a backup quarterback. Despite a broken left arm in the 1984 season, he led the Wolverines to an upset victory over the Miami Hurricanes.

Returning in 1985, Harbaugh guided the team to a No. 2 national ranking. In 1986, his final college season, he set a Michigan record for passing yards, earned accolades, and finished third in Heisman Trophy voting.

Transitioning to the NFL in 1987 with the Chicago Bears, Harbaugh became known for orchestrating come-from-behind victories, earning the moniker “Captain Comeback.”

Notably, in 1995, he led the Indianapolis Colts to the AFC Championship Game, securing Pro Bowl honors and accolades.

After concluding his playing career in 2001 with the Carolina Panthers, Harbaugh ventured into coaching. He started as an unpaid assistant at Western Kentucky University, later transitioning to the NFL with the Oakland Raiders as a quarterback coach.

Subsequently, he coached at various institutions, including the University of Michigan and the San Francisco 49ers, showcasing his versatile and successful coaching career.

Miah Harbaugh Age & Wikipedia

Miah Harbaugh was born in New Jersey in 1972, and as of 2024, she is 52 years old.

She demonstrated an early commitment to learning by earning a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.

Miah Harbaugh, Ex-Wife of Jim Harbaugh
Miah Harbaugh Ex-Wife Of Jim Harbaugh (Source: X)

Moreover, Miah had no idea that her life would soon be linked to the exciting realm of sports. Miah’s life took an unexpected turn when she met Jim Harbaugh. They shared their love story during five years of courtship and tied the knot in 1996.

Miah and Jim sustained their marriage for ten years, during which they established a family. They share three children – Jay, James, and Grace Harbaugh.

Furthermore, as Jim’s football career reached new heights, Miah played a vital role behind the scenes, shouldering the responsibilities of a football family. Despite their joyful marriage, it endured only until 2006.

Divorce and Remarriage

After a decade together, Miah and Jim decided to go their separate ways in 2006.

Following their divorce, Jim Harbaugh started a new journey by marrying Sarah Feuerborn in 2008.

Jim Harbaugh Remarried To Sarah Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh Remarried To Sarah Harbaugh (Source: Ann Arbor Family)

Furthermore, Miah entered a new phase, navigating the challenges that come with life post-divorce.

After her divorce from Jim Harbaugh, Miah continued her journey independently. Whereas Jim welcomed four children Katherine, Addison, John, and Jack.

James Harbaughs Revelation

It came as a shock when Miah and Jim’s son James publicly came out as gay. James shared this personal revelation during a sitdown with the “Two Outs Podcast.”

James Harbaugh Celebrating Their Win
James Harbaugh Celebrating Their Win (Source: Instagram)

The conversation took place on the night of the election, with James expressing nervousness about his disclosure.

Jim’s supportive response reflected a positive moment in their relationship, showcasing the importance of acceptance within families.

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