Michael Morales Parents: Mother Katty Hurtado And Father

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Katty Hurtado and Jonathan Morales are Michael Morales’ parents. Although no longer together, they have both played a significant role in supporting their son Michael Morales throughout his career.

Michael Morales was born to his athletic parents. Michael’s mom teaches judo, while his dad, as portrayed in Michael’s Instagram posts, is a bodybuilder.

Michael is a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight class. He was born on June 24, 1999, in Pasaje, El Oro, Ecuador.

Morales started his MMA journey at a young age, practicing judo and later transitioning to wrestling. He got his mixed martial arts training at Victor Vallejo’s academy in Machala.

Michael Morales -Professional Mixed Martial Artist From Ecuador
Michael Morales -Professional Mixed Martial Artist From Ecuador (Source: Instagram)

While pursuing his career in MMA, Morales also worked at a naval boat factory. Through his victories in local circuits, he gained recognition and had the opportunity to compete in international promotions.

Morales eventually signed with the Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC) in Mexico, which led to his debut in the UFC.

Since joining the UFC, he has secured an impressive 15-0 record, including TKO wins over Trevin Giles and Adam Fugitt.

His parents are his biggest supporters, and Michael ensures the world knows that. 

Michael Morales Parents

Morales comes from a martial arts-oriented family. His mother, Katty Hurtado, is a judo black belt. He attributes his passion for combat sports to his parents, particularly his mother, who introduced him to martial arts at an early age.

Michael’s Instagram posts and tagged photos show that his parents are not together but seem content with their respective partners. His mother, in particular, appears to be in a relationship with Fernando Proano.

Through various Instagram posts, Michael states his admiration for his mother. In an Instagram post of May 10, 2023, Michael expressed his deep respect and love for his mother.

Michael Morales Mother Katty
Michael Morales’s Mother, Katty (Source: Instagram)

He sees her as a strong and resilient figure, capable of transforming challenges into beautiful experiences for her children.

She is the most important person in his life, serving as his pillar of support and guiding him on his journey.

At the tender age of five, Morales embarked on his training journey under the tutelage of his mother.

Katty not only held the prestigious rank of a judo black belt but also served as a judo instructor.

As a youngster, Morales often accompanied his mother to her judo competitions, igniting a profound fascination and admiration for combat sports.

His mother, Katty, is available on Instagram under the handle @kattyjudok.

More on Michael’s Father

Like his mother, Michael’s father played a significant role in training him for UFC. Michael’s social media posts show that his father seems interested in bodybuilding and judo.

Michael Morales With His Father And Siblings
Michael Morales With His Father And Siblings (Source: Instagram)

When Michael was 14, his father took him to Victor Vallejo’s academy in Machala, where he started learning mixed martial arts.

Michael shares a strong bond with his father and often posts nostalgic photos with him.

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