Miguel Angel Masch Death Cause And Obituary: Former Bodybuilder Passed Away

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The death of the former bodybuilder turned trainer, Miguel Angel Masch, has shattered the television world. Miguel passed away in September 2023.

One of the most beautiful spirits in the profession has passed away, and the television and bodybuilding industries are grieving at the moment.

Former Bodyguard, Late Miguel Angel Masch
Former Bodyguard, Late Miguel Angel Masch (Source: Facebook))

Viewers recall Miguel Angel Masch for flaunting his trim physique on the show that Goyo González hosted in the 1990s.

In this competition, which adopted the German Man O Man model, 200 women had to select the “boy of the summer” from a group of twelve males.

The bodybuilder became well-known for physique, and his catchphrase “I am Héctor!” is still recognized by many people.

Masch’s image is still remembered almost 30 years after his television appearance.

Moreover, the late bodybuilder is not known to be linked with any women. Nonetheless, he was a big-time pet lover, which he displayed on his social media handle.

Regarding education, the late Miguel Angel Masch attended COLEGIO EL SALVADOR DE LEGANES in Madrid.

Miguel Angel Masch Obituary

The television industry is currently lamenting a fresh loss. The bodybuilder Miguel Angel Masch, also known as Soy Héctor, has passed away, according to posts made by his closest friends on social media on September 26, 2023.

Miguel had an appearance on the Telecinco show Uno para todos in the middle of the 1990s and gained fame.

He worked as a physical trainer and had a canine companion whose picture is all over his Facebook account.

Unfortunately, after three decades since his popular television appearance, the television star has reportedly died. His friends share a post on social media communicating the news of his death.

Miguel Angel Masch Posing At The Telecinco Show Uno Para Todos
Miguel Angel Masch Posing At The Telecinco Show Uno Para Todos (Source: Facebook)

“My deepest condolences, great in every way. Rest in peace, Miguel. We all remember you for ‘I am Héctor.’ You will be missed as the great person you were, as well as a giant of bodybuilding,” wrote Luis Antonio Vidal Butler, athlete and friend of the deceased.

“Great experiences lived together. Rest in peace, my dear friend,” said Rodrigo Bermejo.

The adoration shown to the “strongest man in the world” doesn’t stop here.

“Today is a very sad day. Our friend Miguel Ángel Masch leaves us. I will always remember you, friend Miguelón, as many of us called you,” wrote another friend of his.

Miguel Angel Masch: Cause Of Death

After his time on “Uno para todos,” Miguel Angel Masch quit the television industry.

Moreover, he was concentrating on bodybuilding, he was invested in fitness and health and worked as a physical trainer.

Moreover, according to people close to him, “El Confidencial” indicates that he had been experiencing serious depression for years.

However, at the moment, the cause of his death remains a mystery to the public.

Currently, the television industry is bemoaning a new setback. Miguel Angel Masch will forever remain in the hearts of his friends, family, and fans, even after his physical demise.

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