Miguel Angel Masch Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Was He?

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Miguel Angel Masch was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. In his last days, the Spanish bodybuilder lived in Leganes. 

A man who earned popularity in the 90s, Miguel Angel Masch’s phrase, “Soy Héctor,” swept the ladies off their feet. Miguel cemented his name in the Spanish entertainment world when he appeared on the show Uno para todos. 

Miguel Angel Masch Pictured In His Early Years Of Bodybuilding
Miguel Angel Masch Pictured In His Early Years Of Bodybuilding (Source: TikTok)

On September 26, several close friends and relatives of the bodybuilder took to social media to pay tribute to the bodybuilder. Miguel had passed away, with the reason for his demise yet to be revealed. 

Though not confirmed, Miguel is supposed to be in his 40s at the time of his demise. A few sources speculated depression could be the cause, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Miguel Angel Masch Wikipedia 

Miguel Angel Masch, the Spanish bodybuilder and TV personality’s claim to fame came in the 90s. He began his journey as a bodybuilder, showing off his great physique in several bodybuilding competitions across Madrid. 

But he gained popularity when he appeared as a character, Hector, in the show Uno para todos, televised by Telecinco. In the show, 200 women would have to choose the man of the summer. 

Miguel Angel Masch Pictured During His Time In The Show Uno Para Todos
Miguel Angel Masch Pictured During His Time In The Show Uno Para Todos (Source: Facebook)

And looking back at the few clips uploaded on YouTube, Miguel was certainly the ladies’ man. His phrase, “Soy Héctor,” would create the most noise in the room, and a few old clips even show the ladies trying to grab his shirt. 

A video uploaded by Marca shows Miguel passing by a group of girls onto the stage, where he then shows his powerful physique. To make the show funny, Miguel is seen being pitted against guys with weaker physiques. 

The short clip also shows how the “Soy Hector” phrase had taken over Spain, with little boys trying to imitate Miguel’s mannerisms. 

Miguel Angel Masch Edad And Obituary 

Though it isn’t factually stated how old Miguel was at the time of his demise, the Spanish bodybuilder is likely to have been in his 40s. 

The cause of his death remains unknown, but a few sources have stated that the bodybuilder was suffering from depression.

Some even said he was admitted to a hospital in Madrid, but a few have come forward, stating that wasn’t the reason for his demise.

Miguel is believed to have been single at the time of his demise. He was active on Facebook and often uploaded pictures with his pet dog and a pigeon. The Spanish bodybuilder had created a YouTube channel but only shared one video before his demise.

Miguel Angel Masch Uploaded The Picture On January 1, 2023, With His Pet Dog, And Pigeon
Miguel Angel Masch Uploaded The Picture On January 1, 2023, With His Pet Dog, And Pigeon (Source: Facebook)

In the video, Miguel can be seen with his pet dog, with his pet pigeon calmly sitting on his head. One of his last posts on Facebook was that of a dog named Kora.

Miguel shared the post on June 20, and it looks like Kora was a new addition to the family. The former bodybuilder also had a TikTok handle, where he shared throwback pictures and videos.

Miguel had also shared a couple of posts about his late mother, whom he dearly missed. There’s no doubt that the bodybuilding and entertainment world will miss him. 

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