Mitch Holthus Salary 2024: Contract & Net Worth Of Chiefs Radio Announcer

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A veteran American sportscaster, Mitch Holthus salary and net worth seem to be in the millions without a doubt.

As a senior radio announcer in Chiefs, the radio personality has been making huge sums, though he prefers to keep his contact details away from being public.

Likewise, Mitch currently resides with his wife and kids in a luxurious house located in Kansas City.

Mitch Holthus Is A Veteran Radio Announcer
Mitch Holthus Is A Veteran Radio Announcer (Source: Twitter)

Mitchell G. Holthus, famously Mitch Holthus, born on June 28, 1957, is the primary announcer for the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network.

Further, the radio personality is often called “the voice of the Chiefs.”

He is in charge of different shows and events for the Chiefs organization’s production branch, 65TPT, which includes broadcasts on the Chiefs Radio Network and the team’s YouTube channel.

Likewise, Mitch reported on Super Bowls LIV, LVII, and LVIII when the Chiefs secured their second, third, and fourth NFL championships.

He also hosts several programs, such as Chiefs Insider, the Defending the Kingdom podcast, and Chiefs Rewind.

Mitch Holthus Salary: How Much Does She Earn?

Mitch’s annual income reaches into the thousands, and it’s rumored that he might have secured a million-dollar contract with the Chief.

Despite the substantial financial success, Mitch maintains a tight lid on the specifics of his salary and contractual agreements, a sentiment echoed by the Chiefs, who have kept the details under wraps.

The enigma surrounding Mitch’s earnings persists, as the radio announcer has not divulged any details on platforms discussing his income.

Nevertheless, the mystery surrounding his financial dealings only adds to the intrigue of his success.

Mitch Holthus With His Friends
Mitch Holthus With His Friends (Source: Twitter)

Reports suggest that radio announcers under the Chiefs’ umbrella typically receive annual salaries ranging from $37,000 to $70,000.

This insight offers a glimpse into the potential financial landscape of Mitch’s career in the radio industry.

Beyond his role as a radio sportscaster, Mitch diversifies his income streams through appearances on chat shows, events, and functions.

His presence in various public engagements contributes significantly to his overall earnings.

Furthermore, the seasoned radio announcer stands to gain additional income through his social media presence, boasting an impressive 102K followers on his Twitter handle.

Sponsorship deals and collaborations further enhance Mitch’s financial portfolio, showcasing the multifaceted nature of his revenue streams.

Mitch’s Net Worth In 2024

Mitch is estimated to have accumulated around $2 million as his net worth.

Though the radio announcer himself hasn’t disclosed his fortune, his 3 decades-long career in the radio field might have provided him with a decent amount.

Mitch Holthus During His Work In Radio Station
Mitch Holthus During His Work In Radio Station (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, the Voice of Chief is speculated to have around $1.09 million per online closets.

Though his exact wealth remains under the curtain, one thing is sure: the radio star has enough fortune to lead a quality life with his family.

Also, his active involvement in sports and radio networks hints at his capacity to afford a luxurious living.

Reportedly, Holthus resides in a luxurious house in Kansas City, where the median house cost is around $240 Thousand. 

Besides this, he may possess cars and other real estate properties. Sadly, he hasn’t gone public with the details of his riches.



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